Monday, July 15, 2019

Guru Purnima: 16th July ,2019

 Lord Shiva as Adi Dakshinamurthy

The highest form of a Guru is Lord Shiva Himself ( *Adi Dakshinamurthy) or ultimate knowledge, whereas a guru is the manifestation of that knowledge. Shiva, the supreme Vaishnava, is often venerated as the Adi Guru who resides in the spiritual mentors of this mundane world. Guru Purnima is such an important annual festival that most Indians visit the ashrams of their respective gurus or spiritual preceptors in Rishikesh, Haridwar, Mathura and Vrindavan.

Lord Shiva Bestows Religious Devotion to Krishna

Lord Shiva, 'The Auspicious One', works for our well being, is the refuge of loving tenderness, is splendidly generous, bestows religious devotion to Krishna and is Maha Yogeshwar. 

Easily pleased, Lord Shankar manifested for Usha Bahenji (fondly known as Bobo), a great saint of Vrindavan, and made the spectral revelation that He was her guru who would take her to the pivotal concept of Krishna's madhuryaor sweet love.

Highly Revered Usha Bahenji in Vrindavan

The incident dates to the time when Bobo had come to Vrindavan. After a bath in the Yamuna she was heading homewards accompanied by Sushila Bahenji, Vijay and others. It was Guru Purnima, (the full moon day in the month of Ashadh of the Hindu calendar).

Guru Purnima

 "Today is Guru Purnima and everyone says one can not attain salvation without a spiritual mentor-then who is my guru," she wondered.

Yugal Ghat, Vrindavan

As she walked in the fields opposite the Yugal Ghat.  Instantly the great Vaishnava, Lord Shankar with his wife Parvati and son Ganesha were  clearly visible in the sky, which soared slightly higher than the temple's platform.

 Lord Shiva Assures Bobo that He is her Guru  

Mother Parvati was clad in a red sari and adorned in the best of finery. Child Ganesha was also present with His spirited antics. Whereas Lord Shankar was resplendent with matted yellow hair which shone like heated gold.The holy Ganges and crescent moon rested on His head and a beautiful blue hue was apparent in His throat. 

Garlanded with a serpent, He assured her in a deep-throated voice," I am your guru." She reverentially bowed before Him there itself. 

Shiva's Trident

While He repeatedly touched Bobo's forehead and blessed her with His radiant trident.

* Dakshinamurthy literally describes a murti (idol) of Shiva facing dakshina (the south). This form represents Shiva in his role as a teacher of yoga, music and wisdom, expounding the shastras at the same time. This iconographic form depicting Shiva seated upon a deer-throne, surrounded by sages receiving his instructions, is mostly from Tamil Nadu.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Prem Rasamrit Dhara: Letter No 20

Priya Vijay,
 Vrindavan Dham

“ Krsne matir astu” [Let your attention be on Krsna’s feet”]

Received your letter.

True Prema Does Not Expect Love in Return

The path of love is so strange. Prema or pure love does not expect love in return. There is no doubt that one does get love in return. However, the beloved does not keep this fact in mind and loves just because he has to. In addition, he has to bear the anguish of separation. If someone nurses him it is fine and if someone doesn’t then also it is fine. He just has to love or ‘do prema.’

Supreme Lover Krishna is Mesmerized by the Beloved

Do prema’ is not an appropriate word. It is the instinctive trait of prema but this is the middling state. The Supreme Lover is ultimately mesmerized by the beloved. It is His very nature to be controlled by prema. Action or thought have no accessibility to this state. There is no place for disappointment if there is everlasting hope. 

Interaction Between the Supreme Lover & His Beloved

Watered by prema, the creeper of hope grows. Clinging to every limb of the Supreme Lover, the creeper gets entwined in each fiber of our being. It is the creeper’s nature to cling and Supreme Lover Krishna’s nature to become entwined. This divine play,  an interaction between the Supreme Lover and beloved,  takes play daily.

Ardently Longing for Krishna

A true, selfless and loving resolve are of utmost important. Promptness or delay depends on the intensity of our ardent longing. Pure thoughts, devoid of other intrusive disturbing ones, quickly bring the desired Supreme Object Krishna close to us. The cluster of samskaras or innate impressions are washed away by our yearning and gush of love for Krishna.

A Mind Passionately Drawn to dark-hued Krishna

In this manner samskaras or inborn impressions are naturally turned to ashes in a mind passionately drawn to dark-hued Krishna. But all this depends on the intensity of our longing. True longing never goes waste. Yearning is a source of attraction. Attraction and a passionate craving for Krishna are no different.

We can call it an ardent longing or being a worthy recipient. Attaining the Supreme Object Krishna depends on how passionate one is as a recipient. Supreme Object Krishna is laden with rasa and fickle. How strongly Krishna is drawn to a recipient depends on the shape of the receiver. It is the very nature of the Supreme Lover to take on the shape of the receiving container.

Connection with Krishna

Connection with Krishna is the unique trait of being a worthy recipient. Attachment resides in striking a close relationship with Krishna. There is music and merriment and a connect with Krishna when we love Him.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Prem Rasamrit Dhara: Letter No 18

Shri Dham Vrindavan

Priya Vijay, 

“ Krsne matir astu” [Let your attention be on Krsna’s feet”]

Dark-hued Krishna's Lotus Feet

Shri Krishna’s grace is being constantly showered on us, without His being biased towards anyone. An infinite number of human beings are plunging into this gushing flow and being gratified. Only His footprints are worth being followed. We humans exist to simply plunge into this shower of grace. The purpose of humanity is no more than attaining the closeness of Krishna’s lotus feet. 

We Find Respite in Krishna's Auspicious Feet

Totally exhausted after taking endless births, a human being finds respite in Krishna’s compassionate feet. The cure of all fatigue and the birthplace of absolute joy are Shri Hari’s feet. The humanity of human beings is also enhanced by embracing the holy feet of dark-hued Krishna and thus attaining unfathomable deliverance.

 Shri Hari's Lotus Feet

The resting place of all mankind is the pair of Hari’s lotus feet. Yes, of course we have been born and taken a human form in Creation to go to that very place. In addition, uou and I have met to become companions and proceed to that very site. Keeping in mind that we have the ticket of that destination by not dangling in the dazzling snares of maya, the illusory world, we have to carefully strive towards meeting 

Beautiful Madhava

the ineffably beautiful Madhava, whose unique loveliness charms millions of Cupids, who is lovingly tender and the emperor of shnngar,on getting this priceless opportunity.

Uniting with Krishna

Uniting with Krishna, by taking complete refuge in His feet, we find our real identity.( The individual partial and manifest self [ human being] must ultimately be joined with the universal, whole and unmanifest Self which is Krishna.) 

Remembering Krishna

Being indifferent to remembering Krishna for even a second is equivalent to death. We have to accomplish the task of union with Krishna, without delay and in a short span of time.