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Chapter 53: Devi ji's Father Attains Goiok Dham

Shri Devi ji

Shri Deviji's father Shri Laxminarainji Zamindar was well known as Pitaji amongst Shriji's parikar. Moreover, he had great affection and was close to all of them as the name implied. His implicit faith and complete surrender to Shriji was beyond expression. Shriji's sentence was just like Vedic injunction for him. He was never affected by what was right or wrong while following his orders because Shriji meant everything to him.

His only son Shiv Kumar (Shyam) and his wife Madhavi were fully dedicated to Shriji just like Lakshmi Narainji.

Lord Rama

Pitaji[1] devoted his entire time in reading sacred texts and bhajan. Lord Rama was his Ishtdev. Lord Rama had given him darshan by the grace of Shriji and blessed him.

It so happened that Pitaji once got seriously sick at home. He had fever for a month and there was no relief even after intensive treatment was given. He began worrying and constantly remembered Shriji. At four o'clock in the morning he was sitting when he suddenly saw,'prabhu taru tar kapi dar par [2]' or 'Lord Rama is seated under the tree whereas monkey Hanuman is sitting on its branch. ' Deviji's father was delightfully absorbed in this manifested scene. This had such an effect on him that he became absolutely healthy. Delightfully narrating this experience to Kusumji he asked her to serve a special bhoga to Thakurji.

Once an infection had affected Pitaji's entire physical body and his health had really deteriorated. He began to feel that his body would not survive now.

Shriji (left) at Venu Vinod Kunj, Vrindavan

Take me to the refuge of Shriji's feet at Vrindavan because I want to give up my body there,” he told Shiv Kumar.

Immediately Shiv Kumar hired a taxi and brought his father to Shri Dham. Shriji assured him that he would get well, and got him admitted to Rama Krishna Mission Hospital. Deviji's father recovered after being treated for just a few days.

Once Shriji had told Laxminarainji that he would make him listen to the Bhagwat Saptah[3] but it had not been possible for the past one year. Deviji's father got Kusumji to ask Shriji whether he would get to hear the Bhagwat Saptah during his lifetime or was it going to be after his death. He had been told by an astrologer that he was running the markesh dasha.  The time of his death was near, so he had only a month to live.

“The 'markesh dasha' can't harm him and I will make Deviji's father hear the Bhagwat Saptah while he is still alive. Let the astrologer get lost! The month of Shravan[4] is running and I shall go to Gorakphur in Bhadrapad[5],  next month. On my return I will get the 'Saptah' organised,” Shriji replied on hearing this.

Shikarpur, Uttar Pradesh

Truly after getting back from Gorakhpur Shriji sent Kusumji to Shikarpur to make all the arrangements for the Bhagwat Saptah. Bhagwandas was also accompanying her. The bus had an accident en route and both of them were seriously injured. However, they reached home safely due to divine intervention. An unknown person made them get home with all their belongings. Immediately Deviji's father sent a message to Shriji through Gopal to ask how the Bhagwat Saptah would be organised now?

“The Shrimad Bhagwat will surely be held. The hindrance which was impeding it has been cleared now,” replied Shriji.

Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah

The Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah was scheduled to be held during the 'Navratris'. All members of the parikar went with Shriji to Shikarpur. The grand programme of the Bhagwad Saptah was held without any disturbance and accomplished through Acharya Shri Kishori Ramanji. Deviji's father was extremely delighted.

Vrindavan Dham

Shri Lakshminarainjiji came to reside in Vrindavan fifteen days after this Saptah was held. He began spending his time in reading scriptures and doing bhajan. Shri Maharajji used to be very pleased with his way of living. Unexpectedly Laxminarainji's health deteriorated after a span of four months and he remained  unwell for merely eight days. In 1980 he attained the Supreme Dham or Supreme Abode on Samvatsara which is the first day of the traditional Indian New Year and falls on Chaitra Shukla Pratipada. His head was kept on the lap of Ghanshyamji. Sitting before his eyes Shriji himself was making him listen to the Name of 'Radha' when Pitaji was finally leaving the mundane world. His whole family was present around him.

Golok Dham, the Supreme Abode

“You will get the 'Supreme Dham' where Lord Krishna forever dwells,  and I will also be in front of you when you are breathing your last.” Shriji had promised Laxminarainji.

And this is precisely what happened. Shri Maharajji said that his departure from this material world was the same as that of a sadhaka.

Shri Motiramji Attains Golok Dham
Details about Shri Motiramji have been given earlier. About nine years ago he had almost become an invalid because of paralysis and remained unconscious for five days.

 “ Maharajji! Motiramji is suffering acutely! Of what use is his lying about in this manner? It is better if he gives up his body,” Deviji told Shriji.

No, no! He will get well and go to have darshan of Shri Bihariji,Shriji immediately responded.

The attack of paralysis had been terribly severe. Shriji got him treated by doctors for one and a half months with the result that he began moving about here and there. Weakness remained in one hand and leg but he was able to slowly go everywhere by Shriji's grace. 

Shri Radha Baba, Gorakhpur

At times he would visit sacred sites of Braj, travel by himself to behold Shri Radha Baba in Gorakhpur and even venture to Madhya Pradesh and come back.

In 1984 his body began ailing. Motiramji became bed-ridden as the weakness had increased considerably. After being extremely ill for about a month he expired on Baisakh Shukla Purnima, attaining the Supreme Abode in front of Shriji.

When Motiramji was breathing his last Shriji vowed that he must be sent to the Supreme Abode because he had devotedly served him throughout his life.

One point noteworthy at this juncture is that the person making a prayer to a saint may forgot it but the saint never forgets.

Dark-hued Krishna, the Darling Son of Nandbaba

The very first time Motiramji had seen Shriji he had said, “ Give my pranam[6]  to the darling son of Nanda,” and thus awakened his compassion.

The very same misty drop of kindness ensured support to Motiramji when he was breathing his last.

[1]     Pitaji: father, respectful mode of address
[2]     Prabhu taru tar, kapi dar par.:During the descension of Lord Ram, once all the monkeys including Hanuman Ji were sitting on the branches of a tree, and Lord Ram was seated below the tree. Since both were absorbed in love, neither Lord Ram nor the monkeys were aware that it was a breach of propriety for a servant (the monkeys) to sit on a level higher than his masters head (Lord Ram).
[3]     Bhagwat Saptah: When then entire Srimad Bhagwat is completed in a span of seven days it is known as Bhagwat Saptah
[4]     Shravan: fifth month of Hindu calendar,starting in late July and ending in third week of August
[5]     Bhadrapad: sixth month of the Hindu calendar, that corresponds to August/September
[6]     Pranam: respectfully greet