Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shri Shiv Tandava Stotram: Introduction

Shiva Tandava

The Shiva Tandava Stotram was written by Ravana, the greatest devotee of Shiva and a great scholar. Lankesh, the ten-headed king of Lanka and the demons, composed this hymn for singing the glories of Shiva. Its lucidity highlights the intensity of Ravana`s loving devotion for Lord Shiva. Describing his beauty and powerful tandava or the frenzied dance of Shiva at the time of the dissolution of the world, the stotram praises the God for being the ultimate energy.

Shiva the Benefactor & Rudra, the Destroyer

 He is both Rudra the destroyer who is malignant or terrific and Shiva the benefactor who is benign or auspicious.
Ravana, Praying to Lord Shiva

Because of the intensity of his prayers and ascetic meditation, of which this hymn is a standing example, Ravana received from Shiva the boon of indestructibility by all the powers inhabiting heaven and earth except a human being.

Highly Revered Usha Bahenji

Revered Usha Bahenji or Bobo religiously read the Shri Shiv Tandava Stotram during the month of Shravan and advised us to do the same.

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