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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Thirty-seventh Shloka

yavan na me mikhila-marma-dridhabhigatam ,
nihsandhi-bandhanam upaiti na ko 'pi tapah 
tavad vibho bhavatu tavaka-vaktra-candra-
candratapa-dvigunita mama citta-dhara 

Simple Meaning:

The Moonlike Face of Lord Krishna

O Lord! Until some inexpressible burning fever (suffering) does not violently strike my vital parts, or before that, may the thick awning of Your moonlike face doubly shelter the flow of my state of mind. In other words by showing Your moonlike face get rid of my burning heat (caused by the anguish of separation.)

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna Cools the Burning Anguish of Separation

Shri Bilavmangalji is in a strange state. Extremely distressed because of an ardent longing and not being able to bear the delay."The body will decline if my cherished hopes are destroyed, "he says. "Therefore by showing Your moonlike face cure the burning heat of my separation from You."

 Shri Bilavmangal Longs to See Lord Krishna

Blind but tenderly carrying the enchanting form of Krishna in his heart, highly fortunate Bilavmangalji heads towards Shri Dham. He sees the same charming form of Krishna at every step outside (these eyes of the material body are not obstructive or effective there whether they can see or not.)

Blue-hued Krishna Lights up Vrindavan

Yes, so Bilabmangalji sees that blue-hued Krishna is playing a sort of hide and seek with him while illuminating the environs of Braj, its kunjas and nikunjas with his dark blue lustre. It is in Krishna's mischievous nature to manifest and hide thereafter, teasing Bilavmangalji again and again.Well versed in the rasas, this Supreme Lover is extremely adept in arousing the eagerness and strong desires of his loving devotees. Shri Bilavmangal ji's state is more miserable than an affluent trader who has lost all his wealth.

Shri Bilavmangalji's Anguish on Separation from Lord Krishna

Shri Bilavmangalji laments and feels that every fiber of his being is boiling, every limb of his is aching. He says with an ardent longing, 'O Lord! O ruler of my heart! Come, won't you come fast! Just look! At the miserable state I am in. I can not bear it any longer. O god! It is my entreaty, do not reject my earnest request at the last moments of my life. In short, all these sense organs are about to  be destroyed-what sort of burning anguish is this? Oh! The stream of my mind is boiling with the burning heat of suffering. My limbs and joints have been hurt and are bursting.

Supreme Lover, Lord Krishna

O Lord! O Supreme lover! Indeed, come once before I reach this miserable state. I do not want anything else. Neither do I have a desire to live nor am I scared of death. But my dwindling life, my glands giving way, my wounded heart are making just one entreaty to you. This stream of life boiling with the heat of anguish is asking something from you. Do not delay now. For how long and how far can I bear this suffering?

The Moonbeams of Krishna's Face  Cool Lilashuk's Anguish it is beyond my control. My Supreme Lover, do come now! Come and with the cool moonbeams of Your moonlike face with its soothing moonlight circulating nectar, cool the burning anguish of my life. This heat is not going to be cooled with a little coolness. O Supreme Lover with a moonlike face! The measure with which it is boiling, water it with double the quantity of coolness. Bathe this boiling current with the cool nectarean flow of Your moonlike face. Ah! May this necatrous stream of Your face become twofold and shelter my state of mind like a canopy. Steeping me in Your coolness, grant me a new lease of life.

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