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Chapter 50: Boboji Gains Entry Into The Eternal Nikunja (Passes Away) - 6

The sweet forms of Priya-Priyatam came and stood in front, to take their inseparable and beloved sakhi along.

One doesn't know what message the supreme lover gave as he enraptured Bobo and laughed in joyous abandon. Stealthily Krishna whispered several tales of the mysteries of love, amorous frolics of his playful dalliance and spirited antics.

Steeped in the nectarean fruit of love and holding the hands of Radha-Krishna, Bobo went into the lovable Yugal's charming realm, in the presence of everyone. Becoming a spiritual lighthouse for sentimental people and showing the divine path to dedicated devotees.

Overwhelming several persons with affection, stringing them in a cord and bestowing perseverance ,Bobo, the icon of love, pampered Shyama-Shyam and soon became an ideal of loving seva.

Cosmic Life of Krishna

The greatly fortunate Bobo considered earthly Braj and Vrindavan and eternal Goloka Dham where the god forever dwells, as manifestations of the same svarupa or Brahman.She conceived the ordinary life here as parallel with the other comic life of Krishna. Bobo, the illustrious grandeur of Braj,composed padas laden with love flowing towards the Lord.

Honourable Bobo vanished from our mundane eyes but her divine perception, entry into the eternal lila and closeness is steeping and granting assurance to several dear ones even as of today.

The Seva of Shri Thakurji by Shri Sushila Bahenji

The Yugal or Radha-Krishna Served By Bobo

Revered Bobo would remain so very busy in attending to the needs of her Yugal (Radha-Krishna).Her intimate sakhi and confidante Shri Sushilaji would conscientiously serve the sacred couple with the preparation plus serving of bhoga being her responsibility.Soon after Bobo gained entry into the eternal nikunja,Sushila Bahenji took over the task of Thakurji's seva.

Revered Bobo and Sushila Bahenji

Bahenji was so meticulous that on seeing Shri Thakurji's shringar everyone raved that it seems as if revered Bobo had dressed up Thakurji herself.

Appearing Before Dharam Bahenji

Dharam Bahenji

Dharam Bahenji was sitting in the same posture as she would often sit along with Bobo in this room.She could gather that Bobo had gained entry into the eternal nikunja. Impulsively she asked, “Well Bobo! Now you would be sensitively sensing the handsome Krishna's presence everyday.” Revered Bobo exulted,“Yes! And not just the perception,Shyama-Shyam forever stay by my side.”

Hearing this revelation Dharam Bahenji was very delighted and moved forward to embrace her but could not. Right then Bobo explained, “Dharamji you won't be able to touch me because I have met you with my spiritual body at this point of time. I have met you for real and it is not just a fleeting thought.”

Appearing Before Manohar Dasji

Shri Manohar Dasji

Some time had lapsed since Bobo had passed away.Being intensely close to her, Shri Manoharji would always remember her on his birth celebrations.This time round her absence hurt him. But guess what? On that very day he dreamt of her and rested his head in her lap.Overjoyed on waking up, he acknowledged,“This meeting made such a deep impact on my heart that it seemed I have met her with greater intimacy than when I used to do so in the material world.I am greatly fortunate that she thought of me even up there.”

Showering Her Grace On Vijay

Vijay Bhaiya

Revered Bobo appeared languid in the last few days.We can not call this state a dream but stating it was wakefulness would be a deception. Her maternal affection had changed Vijay's life because since a very young age he had been nourished by her loving fondness. He told us that revered Bobo was lying down at a certain place with a sheet on her and he also lay down on her right due to his habit of slipping off. Clinging to her like a child, he rested his face on hers.

Soon after he told Bobo,“ I am also coming to you.” Answering she said, “Not yet since you are looking after the work.” These sort of uncertainties would tug at his mind during those days. He got great strength on knowing that she had become the conjuncture in his writing a book and was inspiring him off and on.

A Feeling of Intense Closeness Towards Sushila Bahenji

The incident dates back to the month of December in 1993. Sushila Bahenji saw revered Bobo leaning against the wall close to the Yugal she served and ecstatically expressing a few beautifully enchanting words.

Shri Radha Rani

She could not recollect everything but terms like 'madhuryadhishthatree' or a supreme principle of sweetness,-'saundaryadhishthatree' or the controlling principle of beauty-'lavanyadhishthatree' or a supreme principle of charm were used to describe Kishoriji, she remembered vividly.

Sushila Bahenji came much nearer to Bobo for listening to her opinion. “Meditate upon the sweet ineffable beauty of Radha-Krishna,” is what she had to say for the associates and repeated,“Intuitively,”-”Intuitively”-intuitively.”

Instantly the scene changed and she was seen in the proximity of Thakurji. “You must be remembering the case of the shoe. How concerned is he about me.”*

*The matter roughly dates to the year 1952.Bobo dragged a huge bedding from her room and spread it in the verandah outside for taking rest.It was evening and kind of dark.Somehow a shoe came under the spread and when she lay down it nestled under her head.She had seen Shri Thakurji taking out the same shoe by putting his hand under the bed spread. Bobo had narrated this experience at that point of time. Recollecting it now she endorsed how much care Thakurji took of her.

Grace on Nisha

Nisha was employed in Arunachal.The denizens there did not approve much of people from other states and villagers often created disturbances. As was her regime Nisha was sitting in front of her Thakurji and doing kirtan when she heard the sound of footsteps.Turning around to have a look she saw revered Bobo standing. She had not been able to utter a word when Bobo gestured that she should move from there and must take Thakurji along. Nisha followed her close behind.Leaving her on the path which led to the house of a relative working there, Bobo vanished.

Nisha was dumbfounded and spent the night at the same relation's house.At dawn the very next day they came to know that the tribals had devastated Nisha's house as a mark of their retaliation.

She was thrilled that Bobo had urged her to move to a safe place well in time.Several such incidents regarding Bobo are famed.

Bobo Appeared Before Dharam Bahenji Once Again

Revered Bobo had an intense feeling of intimacy for Dharam Bahenji. Once it so happened that Dharam Bahenji kept telling her Shri Thakur in Punjabi, “Thakur! Tussi dasso, main paath karaan ki jap, keertan karaan ki satsang ch jaavaan.*Instinctively she heard Thakurji's sound in Punjabi itself, **“Jo taainu changaa lagdaai.”

Hearing Shri Thakurji's answer in her own language Dharamji was astonished. Instantly she heard a familiar sound of someone laughing joyously.Turning around she saw it was Bobo.Smiling, Bobo teased her as earlier, “How loving and liberal is the Lord.”

*“On Thakur! You must guide me whether I should do paath or japa, do kirtan or go for satsang.”

** “Whatever you like.”

Another Perception By Santosh Bahenji

Santosh Bahenji

Santosh Bahenji had repeatedly heard a lot about revered Bobo and was eager to know more about her. Reading a particular shloka everyday, she would lie down.But she did not have any sort of perception for ten days at a stretch.

Later she saw at night revered Bobo in her divine form and attire is taking part in the Raas or round-dance of Krishna with the herdgirls of Braj. Krishna, the supreme lover and his beloved Radha were resplendent in the centre. Bahenji could recognise Bobo even though she was present in her celestial form.

Revered Bobo

Making us distinctly experience several such perceptions and messages through the medium of dreams, Bobo gave her candid opinion on several blazing topics.

Once Shrish Bhai Saheb was upset by some complication when he heard Bobo's voice, “Go to Vrindavan.”He did the same and everything was solved.

Bobo had given an indication of her final departure and union with the divine to Shantanu Rana beforehand.

When Shri Uma Bahenji went to Barsana for Holi and was praying to Shriji, “Make us all join in your festival,” she saw revered Bobo standing right there in her divine form.She was sprinkling gulal and indicating by her gaze that we must celebrate the festival with enthused exultation.

Once Rajesh Bhai was facing a tough time related to his job and was very worried. He reflected that if Bobo was there he could resolve the problem and slept with this thought. He dreamt that Bobo was assuring, “Do not worry. Everything will work out fine. If you ever face any difficulty go to Sootji (Sushila Bahenji) in Vrindavan.” The next day when he went to office everything was decided in his favour. Heading straight to Vrindavan from there, he narrated the incident.

Assuring her dear ones at every step, meeting them in person and showing the divine path, everyone can constantly sense and experience revered Bobo's sensitive perception alongwith her closeness. From time to time all of us are getting her support as earlier in the imperceptible as well as perceptible manner.

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