Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Shiv Stuti [5]

Raag Dhanaashri

Baavro raavro naah bhavaani |

daani barro din det daye binu, beda-barraii bhaanii ||1||

nij gharkii barbaat bilokahu, hau tum param sayaanii |

sivkii daii sampadaa dekhat, shri-saardaa sihaanii ||2||

jinke bhaal likhii lipi merii, sukhkii nahin nisaanii |

tin ranknakau naak sanvaarat, haun aayo nakbaanii ||3||

dukh-deenta dukhii enke dukh, jaachaktaa akulaanii |

yah adhikaar saunpiye aurahin, bheekh bhalii main jaanii ||4||

prem-prasansaa-binay-byangjut, suni bidhikii bar baanii |

tulsi mudit mahes manhin man, jagat-matu musukaanii ||5||

Lord Brahma

(Perplexed at repeatedly changing the fate of people, Lord Brahma(the Hindu God of Creation and one of the Triad) went and complained to Goddess Parvati (eternal consort of Shiva).O Bhavani! Your husband (Shiva) is insane. He is forever magnanimous. Lord Shiva nobly grants even to those who have never given donations to anyone and earned the right to receive in exchange, which violates the Vedas' conventional norms.||1||

You are very wise. Just have a look at the welfare of your house (which is gradually becoming empty by Lord Shiva's consistent generosity to those dwelling in spiritual darkness.)Seeing the infinite wealth bestowed by Lord Shiva, even Goddess Laxmi (wife of Vishnu and goddess of good fortune and wealth) and Goddess Saraswati (wife of Brahma, goddess of learning and the arts) are (teasingly) singing your glories.||2||

I am totally harassed due to the madness of Lord Shiva, your husband; having to consistenely furnish a heavenly life for those spiritual paupers, on whose forehead I had not written a trace of joy.||3||

Suffering and sorrows of the grieved are distressed since they can not find any place to reside and supplication is bewildered in any case. Kindly hand over the charge of writing people's destiny to someone else. I consider that it is better to beg for alms and sustain myself rather than manage this authoritative task. ||4||

Hearing the voice of Lord Brahma loaded with love, praise, humility and joviality, Mahadev (title of Shiva) was delighted at heart and Jagjjannani Parvati (mother of the world) began smiling.||5||

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