Monday, May 5, 2008

Srimad Bhagavatam: Pearl 4


Rukmaniji who is in reality Goddess Laxmi incarnate, enlightens us on how to attain the Supreme Lord in this segment of pearl 4.

Chapter 52, verse 40: How to propitiate Lord Narayana is a highly tricky question. And who is better qualified than Laxmiji to throw light on this subject, being the divine companion of the Lord Himself! She elucidates in Her Rukmani incarnation during the Dwapar era that the ways to worship God are:

  • Through works of public-utility such as the digging of wells and tanks for the masses, construction of temples, laying out of gardens and distribution of food grains we can please the Lord.
  • By following the course of sacrificial performances, charitable gifts, religious observances like a dip in holy waters, fasting, offerings to God, the Brahmins, elders and so on.

And what is the outcome? The Devotee will attain Lord Krishna just as Rukmaniji did! In verse 37, Rukmaniji has already confirmed that She is Goddess Laxmi incarnate, asserting that those who love God, will obtain not only Dharam but Arth, Kaam, Moksha or all the four fruits of life too.

Thus further pearl no. 4 from Srimad Bhagavatam, 10th canto can be mentioned as:

Chapter 52, Verse 2: During the course of Kaliyuga, every thing has a shorter life span and is of lesser value, as is the case with the size of humans, plants, animals and the rest.

Verse 15: Earlier in the IXth canto Leelas of Lord Balramji were discussed. As of now Shukdevji himself refers to this bonding between the two cantos that Lord Balramji was wedded to Rewatiji, daughter of Raiwatji.

Verse 31: Satisfied in whatever he has received has been touted as the greatest virtue of a Brahmin.

Verse 42: Sitaji worshipped Girija Devi along with Lord Shiva and Ganesha in the ‘Ramayana’. In a similar fashion Rukmaniji prays to Parvatiji before marriage. This further proves that Lord Shiva is the Guru of all Vaishnavas since time immemorial.

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