Friday, October 1, 2010

Shri Hanuman Chalisa: 9-16 Chaupais

Sukshma roop dhari siyahi dikhava |

Vikat roop dhari lank jaraaya ||9||

Tiny Hanuman meets Sita

Assuming an extremely minute form you appeared before Sita.Whereas adopting a terrifying form you burnt the city of Lanka.

Bhim roop dhari asur sanghare |

Ramchandra ke kaaj sanvaare ||10||

The Mighty Hanuman

By assuming a huge and fearsome form you killed the demons and succeeded in fulfilling the mission assigned to you by Lord Rama.

Laye sanjivan lakhan jiyaye |

Shri Raghubir harashi ur laye ||11||

Getting the Sanjivani for Lakshmana

You brought Lakshmana back to life by getting the sanijavani herb (said to revive the dead.) Delighted with this deed of yours Lord Rama hugged you to his heart.

Raghupati kinhi bahut badai |

Tum mam priye bharat-hi sam bhai ||12||

Lord Rama & Bharat

Lord Rama praised you greatly and affirmed that you were as dear to Him as Bharat, His own brother.”

Sahas badan tumhare jas gaavein |

As kahi shripati kanth lagaavein ||13||

Lord Vishnu on the Sheshnaag

Confirming that the thousand-headed Sheshnaag (a snake said to carry the earth's weight on its hood and considered a symbol of eternity) will constantly sing your glories,the Lord of Lakshmi hugged you to his heart.

Sankadik brahmadi muneesa |

Narad sarad sahit ahisaa ||14||

Lord Brahma, the Creator

Sanaka (a saint) and other sages, Brahma (Creator of the Universe) and other deities, Narada and Saraswati (goddess of knowledge)forever sing your praises along with Sheshnaag.

Jam kuber digpaal jahaan te |

Kavi kobid kahi sake kahaan te ||15||

Kuber, the God of Wealth

How can poets and seers give an account of your glories when Yamraj (the god of death), Kuber (the god of wealth) and Digpaal(deities guarding all the directions)are incapable of singing of your fame in totality.

Tum upkaar sugrivahi keenha |

Ram milaye raaj pad deenha ||16||

Sugriva and Bali

You obliged Sugriva, the king of the monkeys, by introducing him to Lord Rama because of which he was enthroned as king of Kishkindha again.

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