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Vinay Patrika: Shri Ram Stuti [46]

Raag Ramkali

Forever, Chant the Name of Lord Ram


raam japu, raam japu, raam japu, raam japu, raam japu, moodh man, baar baaram |

sakal saubhagya-sukh-khaani jiya jaani shath, maani vishvaas vad vedsaaram ||1||

koshalendra nav-neelkanjaabhatanu, madan-ripu-kanjhridi-chanchareekam |

jaankeeravan sukhbhavan bhuvnaaikaprabhu, samar-bhanjan, param kaaruneekam ||2||

danuj-van-dhoomdhuj, peen aajaanubhuj, dandd-kodanddvar chand banam |

arunakar charann mukh nayan raajeev, gun-achan, bahu mayan-shobha-nidhaanam ||3||

vaasnaavrind-kaairav-divaakar, kaam-krodh-mad-kanj-kaanan-tusshaaram |

lobh ati mat naagendra panchaananam bhakthit harann sansaar-bhaaram ||4||

keshavam, kalesham, kesh-vandit pad-dvandva mandaakinee-moolbhootam |

sarvdaanand-sandoh, mohaapaham, ghor-sansar-paathodhi-potam ||4||

shok-sandeh-paathodpatlaanilam, paap-parvat-kathin-kulishroopam |

santjan-kaamdhuk-dhenu, vishraamprad, naam kali-kalush-bhanjan anoopam ||6||

dharam-kalpadrumaaraam, haridhaam-pathi sanbalam, moolmidmev ekam |

bhakti-vairaagya-vigyaan-sham-daan-dam, naam aadheen saadhan anekam ||7||

ten taptam, hutam, datmevaakhilam, ten sarv kritam karmjaalam |

yen shriraamnaamaamritam paankritmanishamnavadhyamavlokya kaalam ||8||

shavpach, khal, bhill, yavnaadi harilokgat, naambal vipul mati mal na parsee |

tyaagi sab aas santraas, bhavpaas, asi nisit harinaam japu daastulsee ||9||

The Name of Shri Ram is the Essence of the Vedas

O foolish heart of mine ! Repeatedly and forever just do japa (chant) of the name of Shri Ram; he is the reservoir of absolute good fortune plus joy, and He is very the essence of the Vedas, grasping this fact mentally and having implicit faith, always say Shri Ram ||1||

Shri Ram's Hue is Like The Fresh Blue Lotus

The bodily lustre of Shri Ramchandra ji, the king of Kosala, is like a fresh blue lotus; He is the black bee who is attracted to the lotus of Lord Shiva's heart. He dallies with Janaki (title of Sita), is the repository of happiness, is the sole Supreme God of the entire universe, is the destroyer of the wicked in battle, and is supremely compassionate ||2||

Shri Ram is a Blazing Fire for Demons

He is like a blazing fire for the forest of demons. He is holding the beatiful bow and raging arrows in his sturdy and muscular arms which extend upto his knees. His hands, feet, face and eyes are lovingly tender like the red lotus. He is a reservoir of virtues and a repository of the beauty of several Kamdevs (god of love) ||3||

Shri Ram Annihilates Demons for the Well-Being of Bhaktas

He is the veritable sun in destroying lotus clusters of various passions and the frost for destroying lotus forests of lust, anger and intoxication. He is a lion, the king of the jungle, for the extremely exhilirated gajraaj (leader of a herd of elephants) of greed, and he annihilates the burden of the world by killing demons for the well-being of bhaktas ||4||

Shri Ram is Keshava who Helps us Cross the Mundane Ocean

The one who name is Keshav (a title of Vishnu/Krishna), the one who gets rid of anguish, whose sacred pair of feet are adulated by Lord Brahma and Shiva. He is a source of the sacred river Ganges, is forever abounding with delight, is the destructor of delusion and the Ship which helps us cross the terrifying ocean of existence||5||

The Name of Shri Ram is Like the Kamadhenu for Saints

Shri Ram is like the wind for piercing through gathered clouds of sorrow and anxiety, and is like the vajra ( thunderbolt of Indra which becomes also an emblem of Krishna) for shattering the tough mountain of sins. The one whose excellent name gives the desired fruit to saints like the Kamdhenu (the cow of plenty, a fabulous cow produced at the churning of the ocean and supposed to yield whatever is requested of her), bestows peace and has no equivalent in destroying the grave sins of Kaliyuga (age of spiritual darkness)||6||

Shri Ram's Name is The Basis of Kalpavrikshas

This Shri Ram Naam is the basic essence of a garden of kalpavrikshas (one of the fabulous trees of Indra's or Krishna's paradise, that grants all desiress) of religion, the path which leads to travellers heading for the abode of God, and all the means and siddhis (having supernatural powers because of being perfected & sanctified as if by penance). Several sources of getting moksha or salvation like bhakti (religious devotion), asceticism,spiritual knowledge, sensual restraint, self-control and charity are all dependent on chanting the name of Ram||7||

Relish the Nectar of Shri Ram's Name

The one who constantly relishes the innocent nectar of Shri Ram Naam daily, on seeing this fearsome age of Kali-has done all the tapas (religious austerities), has performed all yagyas (sacrificial offerings), has donated the whole of one's possessions and done all the Vedic karmas (actions) as per conventional norms ||8||

Chanting the Name of Shri Ram Releases us from This Material World

Several idlers, evil-doers, bhils(tribals of central India) and yavanis (Greeks) reached the supreme abode of Shri Hari (Vishnu) just by the vehement energy of chanting the name of Lord Ram. Destructive thoughts were not able to even touch their intelligence. O Tulsidas! Discarding all hope and fear, forever chant the name of Shri Ram-Naam which is just like a sharp sword for slashing the bondage of this material world||9||

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