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Pratah Stava: 2nd Shloka

Pratah smarami dadhighosh vineet nidran,

Nidravsan ramneeya mukhanuragam.

Unnidra padam nayanan navneerdaambhan,

Hridyanvadhya lalnanchit vaam bhagam.

The second shloka of the Pratah Stotra celebrates the union of Shri Radha-Krishna wherein the svamini becomes the focus of emulation. The first verse dealt with the grandeur of Vrindavan. Abhishek is usually performed with water, milk and ghee but the idyllic forest is ceremonially bathed with amorous frolics of the Yugal or Shri Radha-Krishna; the treasure trove of joyous abandon, in the second verse.

Acharya Nimbarka enthused, 'When the pleasant dawn appears, the sweet sound of curd being churned by Braj beauties, rings from every household. Singing about the glories of Brajraj Kunwar, their heart's beloved, the sound awakens the handsome god sleeping happily in the bhavan.

He has certainly gone to bed late at night. The gleam of his beloved's love is luminescent on his handsome, dark-hued, moon like face, revealing the escapade as it unveils the secret mysteries of keeping awake at night.

The eyes shut over and over again-these large lotus eyes brimming with drowsiness; reflections of a soul-stirring brilliance. The sakhis in hiding, soon become aware of the incidence.

Smiling, they remark in unison,' Sakhis they have gone through a sleepless night...that is why the eyes are red. The helpless shy condition of these impassioned eyes, clarifies the mazes and mysteries of their romantic dalliance at night. Shri Acharyaji is delighted at this portrayal...and along with the sakhis, peeps and exults all of a sudden, 'Merely the eyes did not unveil the ecstatic enchantment...Just look at the radiance gleaming like lightening in the left portion of the handsome god,who is the colour of the condensed cloud....

The principal idol of devotion, Shri Radhika, with her head resting on his broad chest...Rapturous and sort of sleepy, lazy and somewhat lost...who is it? Sakhis, it is none else than Shr Radha, the irresistibly attractive feminine principle towards which the masculine power encompassed in the god is drawn.

Apparent on his lovingly tender face is Shri Radha shining brilliantly, the supreme object of Krishna's passionate love...Heights of elation and ecstasy are evident in the lotus eyes and yes sakhis! Enraptured, our supreme lover is unable to rise even on waking up...the all-consuming closeness of Kishori to his left unveils this secret.

What is the wrong-doing of this dark-hued handsome god spending, caressing, repeating and spoiling the episodes of fatigue-rest in the romantic dalliance at night...? How can he possibly get up fully cnonscious at the crack of dawn. What a helpless plight of his enigmatic persona.

Sajal neelghan varan Bihari,

Saudamini dhyuti Radha gori

Enchanted, Shri Nimbarkacharyaji exalts,' I focus upon the handsome god, his enigmatic persona, adorned with drowsy lotus eyes reflecting passion...the irresistibly attractive young Radhika resplendent in the left portion of his heart; the Braj Kishore (youth) who has sort of just woken up on hearing the sound of churning curd; in the auspicious time of the early morning.'

Not merely reflecting on this supreme Rasika but savouring every spirited antic and exultation, Nimbarkacharyaji is rapturous,' I concentrate on the young gopa who rises on hearing the churning curd. Lustrous passion is awash on the divine face with sleepy lotus eyes as loving tenderness drips from his fragrant limbs.

The crowning glory Kishori, epitome of perfect beauty, with her head resting on the left, gleams like lightning... I meditate upon this splendid picture of the radiant Priya...and dark-hued handsome god who embraces her.' Acharyaji is nostalgic for a lost paradise; its every endeavour, terrifying rush of love and the amorous frolic of night time, the cause of it all.

The days of spring celebrate nature in her most glorious state with a magic which is tender and emotional. The sweetly handsome couple are not reliant but every season and festival has its own speciality. Shri Radha-Krishna adopt them with their distinctive traits. Applauding these pleasant days and nights attending to their needs, the Yugal embrace them...and bestow infinite joy to their loved ones with erotic love...particularly their bhaktijan.

During these days, the nights of respite...various spirited antics have their own majesty. Look! A blanket of black velvet covers the entire ambience...merely the holy face is unveiled. The exotically picturesque moonlight...nectar's cascading tenderness...and a green quilt embellished with multi-hued silken blossoms-leaves...on a bedstead bedecked with a milky bedspread seems eagerly desirous to cuddle them in her lap.

When will the Yugal engrossed in some amorous frolic enter the shayan bhavan and fulfill the longing of this bedstead? Not far away they are close by; immersed in some recent ardent dalliance. Eyes with eyes meet...necks tilt towards each other...restive smiles are absorbed in some passionate frolic....Such a heart-stealing, beautiful portrait.

When Shri Radha-Krishna stepping out of the serious spectrum of that romantic dalliance, come to the bed and cuddling in its bosom are wrapped around by the quilt,a fresh longing for frolics surges forth. Assaulted by its gush the Yugal went off to sleep right there. Soon after, a terrifying rush of love ensued. Self-restraint was impossible to check the thrusts of ecstasy. Through the union of their bodies,Shri Radha-Krishna sank deeper into the haze of memories.

Sleep wavered amidst intoxication and hid somewhere...and this impassioned Yugal were exhilarated with the same romantic dalliance...In the secluded moments of midnight there was scheming of drowsiness and intoxication. Weakness entered Priyaji's delicately beautiful body first...along with frenzied madness... and empowered her, making the supreme lover a bit helpless. Fatigue and trance sensing their triumph, beckoned sleep.

And now it hid in her ravishing huge eyes... and struck at the appropriate moment. Priyaji's lotus eyes drooped a bit. Impassioned Kishore adulated the majestic sweetness and finding her fatigued, sat stupefied. But Priyaji was drowsy thus the enraptured supreme Rasika did not cross the bounds of self-restraint and gradually sort of slept. It was virtually impossible to remain within the bounds of social conventions while awake. Sleep patted Shri Radha-Krishna...caressed them and soon enough... the two youthful beauteous forms actually went off to sleep.

Once when the sakhis caught the Yugal red-handed at the crack of dawn, rather with coloured eyes, lips, cheeks, and hued persona, the two of them were very embarrassed. Looking at each other awkwardly...a shy smile spread across their lips. Clumsy efforts to conceal their amorous frolics were unveiled. The sakhis did not tease them and sensing their tired fatigue were keen for them to rest.

They coaxed,' The past night was one of romantic assuming the day to be a night of rest, both of you sleep for some time. But take care not to consider the night to be one of frolicking'. Mischievously adoring the two, the sakhis moved on;leaving them in isolation once again. Highly revered Sakhaji says,'You never know whether they considered it a night of rest or dalliance.'

Yes, some sakhis hid behind the creepers and leaves. Eagerly desirous for a glimpse of their intimate love-exchange, the lot did not let them leave...but the impassioned condition of the beautiful Yugal did not let them stay on either. In a dilemma, the helpless beauties hid behind the thicket. They saw the enraptured young Yugal seated on the lovable bedstead in that sleeping chamber. Priyaji's eyes were drooping with sleep...her eyes closed unknowingly. The supreme lover too was initially drowsy, and then...the cool breeze jolted him and he became alert.

He adulated the sweet picture of Priyaji for some time. She slightly opened her eyes and saw the supreme lover looking at her intensely. She shivered and then knowingly or otherwise... shut her eyes. Priyatam's budding lips parted a bit...the same frenzied madness gushed to the eyes...he shifted slightly...and glued his own cool cheek with hers...The enraptured Kishori was startled instantly... A gentle smile faintly spread across her lips. Cheek to cheek...the sweetly tender smile, the unparalleled grandeur and splendour of the Yugal longing for amorous frolics was captivating.

The sakhis could just glimpse this scenario and were lost, steeped in love. Exquisitely desirous of Shri Radha-Krishna's union-enflamed their ardent longing for a divine and transcendental love. Somehow they got assurance from the handsome lover ...not apparent from their stupefied state, but from glowing emotions flitting across their face they were certain of attaining the deeper ecstasies of devotion. Anyway when they woke up again it was roughly day-break.

The passionate Yugal coming to their senses turned active. When about to step out of the sleeping chamber a herd of sakhis arrived and went in with them. In the light of the day those tell tale signs of passion were clearly visible on their beautiful bodies...their radiant faces...lips-eyes...chins and cheeks.The sakhis eyes were laden with merriment. Laughter blossomed on their lips... Some fresh dalliance spurred their limbs.

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