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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita: Forty-nineth Shloka

lilananambujam adhiram udikshamanam  ,
narmani venu-vivareshu niveshayantam  |
dolayamana-nayanam nayanabhiramam ,
devam kada nu dayitam vyatilokayishye  ||49||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna, the Beloved of Our Hearts

When will I be able to see my Supreme Lover Krishna to my heart's content, whose lotus face is sportive with all sorts of flitting expressions, whose glance is extremely fickle and eagerly desirous, who is filling the flute's holes with a sweet amorous joking sound, whose eyes are becoming flirtatious and rolling with the rasa of intoxication, the One who is extremely dear to our eyes and is the beloved of our hearts.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Bilvamangal ji Longs to Behold Krishna

How restless is Shri Bilavmangal ji. When, O when, compassionate One! O Supreme Lover! O God! When will I be able to behold You?When will your mesmerizing form be the focus of my eyes?

Krishna Can Cool the Anguish of Bilavmangal ji

Shri Bilavmangal ji is yearning to behold his beloved Krishna. Praying to Him and humbly  entreating Lord Krishna who enchants and steals his heart, is the sole power Bilavmangal has. What else can he do? Whom should he go to? Oh! The writhing eyes, mind souls cant not be appeased by any other means. He just wants to experience the sweetness of beholding the Supreme Lover, longs for His closeness and proximity. Only then his suffering is going to be soothed. There is no other cure for the lovelorn heart. If that nectarous Supreme Lover does something with His sweet face, divine play, fickle glance, and joking flute sound, the burning anguish  of our hearts can be cooled. Restless Bilavmangal ji exclaims 'Oh God! O cool balm of my soul. O nurturer of His devotees! O Master! When will my eyes see You looking at me?”

Dark-hued Krishna Longs for a Romantic Dalliance

lilananambujam: O what an enchanting lustre-the restlessness of a romantic dalliance is apparent on His lotus face, an ardent longing for some new divine play. This new desire to relish rasa or divine love is peeping through His eternally enchanting glance.

Sakhis are Passionately Drawn by Krishna

 adhiram udikshamanam: What a yearning glance, your eyes are becoming capricious. Various kinds of supremely mysterious signals are splashing forth with some charming impatience. You are zealously filling the holes of the your eternal companion(the flute)with those same rasa laden gestures. This flute play which is the breath of love plays havoc your beloved Radha and other beloveds who get intoxicated by the newly sprouted love in your heart. Oh! How can they possilby remain in their senses when this flute sound passionately draws them in delicious anguish to Your side.

Krishna Ardently Looks for His Beloveds

Your sweet glance laden with an ardent longing, a yearning to relish the romantic dalliance cascading from Your lotus face...filling the holes of the flute with eagerly desirious longings of your heart, sending this intoxicating message to Your beloveds, waiting impatiently for their arrival, You are looking here and
there with such rolling eyes.

The Ineffable Beauty of Krishna

O! How beautiful, and captivating is this form of Yours, Your impatient glance, fickle eyes, Your flute play. When will this enchanting form, these mannerisms which play havoc with my heart, this sweetness which forever abducts me, this mesmerezing ineffable beauty, when O when will I be able to behold?

Lord Krishna, the Ruler of Bilvamangal ji's Heart

O Supreme Lover, O wealth of my heart, O beloved! How long should I wait? Wait for your coming! It is very late now. Come, do come now. Give me a new lease of life with your intoxicating glance, with Your nectarous capricious lotus eyes, with Your lotus face longing to dally romantically, with Your joking voice , with Your melodious flute play. Now do come close to me...

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