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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Ninety-sixth Shloka

vadanendu-vinirjitah shashi 
dashadha deva padam prapadya te 
adhikam shriyam ashnutetaram 
tava karunya-vijrimbhitam kiyat  ||96||

Simple Meaning:

The Moon in the Sky has Taken Refuge in Krishna's Toenails

Shri Billavmangalji says,"O Lord! Having been defeated by Your wholly pure moonlike face,the moon in the sky has taken refuge in Your lotus feet and split into ten parts as your toenails, thereby gaining much more brilliant beauty than before. How great, is even a slight manifestation of Your mercy!

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Krishna's Moonlike Face

Shri Billagmangalji says,"O Lord! Having been conquered by the appearance of Your absolutely pure moonlike face, the moon in the sky has split itself into ten parts, dedicated itself to Your auspicious feet, and is serving these holy feet even today.

Moon in the Sky Is Conquered by Krishna's Moonlike Face

It has gained much greater beauty and become worthy of worship by mortals due to the grace of Your feet.

There is only one moon in the sky but infinite moons are resplendent in every part of Lord Krishna's body.

sakhī he, kṛṣṇa-mukha--dvija-rāja-rāja
kṛṣṇa-vapu-siṁhāsane, vasi' rājya-śāsane,
kare saṅge candrera samāja |
(Madhya Lila 21.126) Sri Chaitanya Caritamrta

Krishna's Face, the King of all Moons

The face of Krishna is the king of all moons, and governs a society of moons. Krishna has two cheeks that shine like glowing gems, putting even the sheen of a blue sapphire to shame. Both are considered full moons. His forehead is considered a half moon, and the spot of sandalwood there is considered a full moon. Every part of Krishna's body is the jewel of all jewels.

Bearing the burden of Krishna's compassion,Shri Billavmangalji gets emotional. Tribhuvan, the three worlds, are being charmed by Your great mercy, is what he says.

The Waxing & Waning Moon

Lord Krishna's moonlike face is shimmering in front of Him. That is why he is ecstatic and delighted. He says that how can the moon in the sky be equated to His face?It waxes and wanes, but Krishna's moonlike face is always blooming and is full of sweetness of mannerisms. The sweetness of His smile has further enhanced the beauty of His moonlike face. A sweet fragrance is cascading from his smile.

Moonbeams Gleam from Krishna's Toenails

Looking intently at the lustre of His moonlike face, the moon in the sky, has accepted defeat on its own. Splitting into ten parts it has taken shelter in His toenails. The ever compassionate Krishna has given the moon refuge in His toenails and enhanced its beauty manifold. When Lord Krishna keeps His feet on Braj Bhoomi, moonbeams shine from His toenails. The region of Braj is glittering with the beams of His toenails. The fame of the moon has spread everywhere by taking refuge in His toenails. It has been successful in attaining fame.

  Devotees are Mesmerized by Krishna's Mercy

 Becoming emotional due to Krishna's affectionate mercy, Shri Billavmangalji says,"O Lord!Your compassion and affection are infinite. You bestow the wealth of this mercy on your loving devotees, and that is what makes their lives fruitful.

I am highly fortunate to be a recipient of Your grace. You have filled my desolate life with the fragrance of your beauty. I do not want anything else “ You are mine, and I am Yours !What more do I want."

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