Thursday, May 8, 2008

Pearl 14


Famous Mantra depicting the beauty of Lord Krishna in the‘Srimad Bhagwatam’.The chanting of this verse frees 20800 kings from the bondage of Jarasandha.

Chapter 73, verse 16: These are Lord Vishnu’s four famous salvations. If you have ever heard the Bhagwat Katha by Dongreji, Sudhanshuji, Murari Bapu, Saint Asaramji, or other priests, you would have noted that they often recite a verse from the ‘Bhagavatam’.

Krishnaay Vaasudevay Harye Parmatmane ,
Pranatkleshnashay Govinday namoh namah

“It means, O, Lord Krishna, You destroy the sins of those who worship You and bring them deliverance. You eliminate the sufferings of those who bow before You. O, son of King Vasudev, You are the protector of cows and we offer our obeisance to You.” The verse was actually recited by 20800 sorrow-stricken kings arrested by Jarasandha in combat and imprisoned. The chanting of this verse freed them from bondage. The incident reflects the immense power of this shloka in placating the Lord.

During childhood, I happened to visit Poojya Gayaprasad Panditji of Goverdhan. He would inevitably ask each parent to memorise the above mentioned draft.

Chapter73, verses 3-4: Before this occurrence these kings also behold the beauty of Lord Krishna thus, “His complexion was dark blue like the color of a cloud, and He wore a yellow silk garment. He was distinguished by the Śrīvatsa mark on His chest, His four mighty arms, the pinkish hue of His eyes, which resembled the whorl of a lotus, His lovely, cheerful face, His gleaming makara earrings and the lotus, club, conchshell and disc in His hands. A helmet, a jeweled necklace, a golden belt, and golden bracelets and armlets decorated His form, and on His neck He wore both the brilliant, precious Kaustubha gem and a garland of forest flowers.” They seem to drink His beauty with their eyes, their past sins now eradicated.

Chapter74, verse 54: Thus Mahatma Shukdevji is so pleased with this description that He blesses us affirming that whoever shall sing the glories of Lord Krishna’s killing of demons Shishupal, Jarasandh and the salvation of kings arrested by Him and His Divine worship in the famous Rajasuya yagna of Yudhistir will expiate of all his sins. It may be added that this most famous yagna or sacrifice of the universe was blessed by as many as thirty renowned Acharyas of the world, including Vedvyasaji the writer of ‘Shrimad Bhagwatam’, Bhardwaaj Muni, sages like Vasistha , Parshuram , Chayavan , Kashyap and so on ( verses 7 to 9 ) .

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