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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita': First Shloka

cintamanir jayati somagirir gurur me ,
shiksha-gurush ca bhagavan shikhi-pishcha-maulih  |
lila-svayamvara-rasam labhate jayashrih  || 1||

Simple Meaning

 Lord Krishna Wears Peacock Feathers

Glory be to Cintamani, the alluring mistress who showed the path of loving devotion to me and glory be to my initiating diksha guru, Somagiri. And all glories be to the Supreme Being, Lord Krishna who wears peacock feathers on his head. Due to His divine play, Jayashri (Sri Radha) enjoys the divine conjugal pastimes of an eternal consort under the lustre of His lotus feet, which are like the budding shoots of a kalpataru (a tree that grants all desires).

The Rasa Laden Commentary:

The Lotus Feet of Lord Krishna

First of all Shri Shri Bilavmangal ji salutes 'Sri Cintamani' who urged him towards the delightful path of loving devotion. It was because of her instruction that he shunned the mundane world and advanced towards his spiritual goal. Then he prays to his diksha guru (spiritual preceptor), Somagiri. Soon after, he sings the glories of Lord Krishna flaunting the tail of peacock feathers, who is his shiksha guru, whose lotus feet fulfil everyone's desires like the kalpataru and in the lustrous nails of whose toes sweet romantic dalliances frolic. 

Shri Radha Relishes Krishna's Divine Play

Wherein Shri Radha, an incarnation of Lakshmi, constantly relishes the rasa of His divine play. Taking the refuge of His lotus feet, bhaktas are absorbed in the ecstasy of His  playful dalliance, Shri Bilavmangala salutes that very Krishna.
shiksha-gurush ca bhagavan shikhi-pishcha-maulih  |

Dark-hued Krishna is Bilavmangal ji's Spiritual Preceptor

 Wearing peacock feathers, the dark-hued youthful Krishna is Bilavmangal's shiksha guru. Although Devi Cintamani had taught him the first lesson in the school of love but that was just like the start of literacy.In reality the diretor and spiritual leader of the school of love is Shyam Sundar, the supreme lover. Obtaining His loving teaching-loaded with passionate devotion, Shri Bilavmangal reaches the heights of religious rapture.
We salute such a shiksha guru who is the lord and acharya of love, the dark-hued and beautiful Supreme Being, wearing the tail of peacock feathers, a million times over,

yat-pada-kalpataru-pallava shekharesh ,
lila-svayamvara-rasam labhate jayashrih  |

 Lord Krishna's  Ineffable Beauty

Shri Bilav Mangal ji strongly feels that whatever is beautiful in this world is insignificant when compared to the ineffable beauty of Krishna.
The fingers of Lord Krishna's feet look like budding shoots of the kalpataru, are very tender, and we ardently long for them. In the front portion of His nails Jayashri (Shri Radha) spontaneously attains the joy of an eternal consort. And by merely doing smarana of His toe nails, Krishna's romantic dalliances gush forth in one's heart.

In the 'Gopi Geet' the gopis have begged for His lotus feet.

pranat-kaamadam padma jaarchitam
dharani mandanam dhyey-maapadi  |
charan pankajam shantmam cha te
raman nah staney-shvarp-yaadhihan  ||

The Gopis Beg for Krishna's Lotus Feet

O Priyatam (dearest)! Please posit Your lotus feet on our hearts. This is the sole means of pacifying the agony which arises due to separation from You.
Only by attaining the proximity (beatific state in which the soul attends on God) of these feet, can they relish the sweet rasa of Krishna's romantic dalliance, and the joy of belonging to the supreme lover.
This is their ardent longing and implicit belief.

Dark-hued Krishna Reappears for the Rasa Lila

This pair of Krishna's lotus feet which the cowherdesses yearn for, are the spiritual attainment and treasure trove of these village women. Placing them on an absolutely secretive and safe spot, these beauties relish their closeness as per their own wishes. That is why when Krishna reappears in the rasa lila after he had vanished, some love-struck cowherdess keeps both his lotus feet on her forlorn heart with delicious anguish.

Shri Jiva Goswami

As Shri Jiva Goswamipada says Krishna, the mischievous supreme lover is hungry for the fulfilment of love and  is always yearning for many more romantic escapades like the capricious black bee. His ardent longing is never at peace and is not bound by the highly restrictive social contraints of these village women. This unrestrained interpersonal romantic exchange never lessens and increases every moment. And His lotus feet become passionately restless as they fervently crave for some new playful dalliance.

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