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Shri Venu Geet: 1st Shloka

Dark-hued Krishna Enters Vrindavan with His Cows & Sakhas

ittham sarat-svaccha-jalam, padmakara-sugandhina |
nyavisad vayuna vatam, sa-go-gopalako 'cyutam ||1||
(Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.21.1)

The Forest of Vrindavan in The Autumnal Season

Meaning: Shri Shukdev says-Parikshit ! The forest was in its most glorious state because of Sharad Ritu, the autumnal season.The waters flowed clear and sweet, and the breeze laden with the fragrance of lotus flowers blossoming in the luminous lakes, was blowing softly. Lord Krishna entered the forest of Vrindavana along with His cows and cowherd friends.

Commentary by Shri Manohar Baba:

The Luminous Autumn Sky

On its own accord the rainy season took leave after watering nature, making it green with the cool blades of grass- leaves, and handing over the just bathed earth in the hands of the autumnal season.

The Radiant Full Moon of Sharad Ritu

As soon as autumn set in, the sky was cleared of heavy black clouds. The lovely radiant full moon rose on the starry firmament and illuminated the earth.The gushing flow of Shri Yamuna as well as waters of the lakes and ponds rejoiced on being cleansed and were crystal clear.

White Lotus Clusters

The reddish, white, blue and yellow-hued lotus clusters began enhancing the forest's majestic beauty as soon as the Sharad Ritu arrived. The threefold breeze laden with the fragrance of lotuses, scented the entire forest. The sole purpose of blossoming lotuses, clear waters, a cool fragrant breeze blowing and a detailed description of the forest's beauty is to present a prelude to Krishna's enigmatic lila or divine play.
Rasraj Krishna, Truly, the Lord is rasa" (raso vai sah), Who bestows eternal joy, entered Vrindavan, blooming with lotus flowers, along  with the gopas.

Madhur Rasa of Shri Radha-Krishna

Being ineffably pure and effulgent the Sharad Ritu is serviceable and stimulates Krishna's playful dalliance. Just mentioning the word Sharad reminds one of madhur rasa, the sentiment of sweet romance. 

Lord Krishna Blesses the Braj Bhaktijan

Even on being surrounded by cows and cowherds in a season which celebrates nature in its most majestic state, Krishna enters the forest of Vrindavan just to grant rasa to the collective Braj bhaktijan, the denizens of Braj.

The Simple Sakhas are Unaware of Krishna's Romantic Dalliance

The word Sharad expresses a bhava which is totally different from Krishna's going to graze cows as a daily routine. As He takes the cows today, the episode is comletely centred around madhurya or sweet love. The innocent sakhas are incapable of understanding this fact. All of them merely know how to play spirited antics with their lovable sakha, Krishna, after observing the sheer beauty of nature.

Krishna Breathes Music into His Flute

Whether He is Madhupati (title of Krishna, the capricious black bee which flits from one flower to another) or His flute gives the so very secretive love message, the cowherds are enchanted by the sweetness of Krishna's flute play, His lotus face, an ocean of beauty and the dark-god's winsome manners. Whereas the bhava of grazing cows in the autumnal season abounds with the sentiment of sweet romance and is supreme for the residents of Braj.

The Gopibhaba of Total Commitment to Krishna

All nights and days of the autumnal season are for the sake of showering rasa.That is the reason why Shri Shukdev ji has laid stress on ittham which means that dark-hued Krishna enters the forest in its most glorious state of Sharad Ritu-so that only those who have developed the gopibhava of sweet and total commitment and love for Krishna, can understand this meaningful message. As far as Shri Parikshit ji is concerned merely a beautiful account given of the forest of Vrindavan is sufficient.

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