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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:'Sixty-fifth Shloka

madhuryad api madhuram manmatha-
tatasya kim api kaishoram  |
capalyad api capalam ceto
bata harati hanta kim kurmah  ||65||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna,The Heart-Stealer

 The ineffable adolescence of Krishna, the father of Cupid, is sweeter than sweetness. Fickler than fickleness, He is stealing away my heart. Alas, what should I do know !

The Rasa-laden Commentary:


The Ineffable Beauty & Sweetness of Lord Krishna

 His sweetness is suffused with beauty and charm. If madhurya itself appeared it would not be having the same sweetness as Him! A sweetness which is beyond the material world and perception of the mind and eyes, is evident in youthful Lord Krishna. It is a cascading stream of His rasa and roop wherein unlimited waves of sweetness and charm gush forth.

Braj Maidens Smitten by Krishna
''dekh sakhi chhavi sindhu tarangit |
aor-chhor nahin kor kinara,
chhin-chhin uthat hilor aprimit | '

'Braj maidens want to gauge the depth of His beauty and want to cage this beauteous form of Krishna in the pupils of their eyes but how is it possible?'

Bhaktimati Usha Behanji is describing this Ocean of ineffable beauty but is not able to give an account of the graceful waves rippling in it.

Krishna, the Ocean of Beauty

 Because it is extremely tough to gauge the countless waves surging forth in this beauteous Ocean.  Seeing the Supreme Lover standing in front of him,Shri Billavmangalji is getting infatuated by His form.

Krishna Grants Life to Kamdev

 'pashupati dagdh divawat kaam' : Lord Krishna is the granter of life to Kamdev. He was reduced to ashes by Lord Shiva but fell at the feet of Krishna and begged for life.That is why compassionate Krishna granted him life once again and he has been transformed into the god of divine love who is devoid of mundane lust. He is eternally meditating on Lord Krishna's feet now.

Adolescent Krishna

 Lord Krishna is the life-giver of Kamdev. He is the One who arouses all our tender feelings and desires. His beauteous form, His fickleness and sweet talk is such that it transgresses our hearts and souls. Shri Billavmangalji asks who is this Youth, coloured and adorned by the hue of adolescence, stealing my heart?

Mischievous Krishna Breaks the Milk Pot of a Braj Maiden

 'baurani see phirat kunjan mein, sudh nahin ghughat pat ki': These Braj maidens very well know of His spirited antics. Krishna makes them relish rasa with His fickle eyes in such a way that they forget the path leading to their homes.The kunjas-nikunjas,market places, and sandy banks of the Yamuna have a pleasant aroma of His sidelong glance.

There is no end to his mischievous pranks.Krishna " ...breaks the pitcher of some maiden, jerks the hand of another, throws the dupatta1 of yet another into the Yamuna, when she gets furious He jumps in and gets it, thus steeping her in His rasa."

Assuming the Sakhi Bhava, Shri Billavmangalji Pines for Krishna

Steeped in the sakhi bhava Shri Billavmangalji says...'Alas! What should I do?Oh look! Look there, some blue-hued Youth is stealing my heart and taking it away! How is He?This youthful Krishna is so very sweet! Sweeter than sweetness incarnate and the creator of Manmath2. Ah! His sidelong glance soaked in madhurya arouses passion in the core of our hearts...Oh!It becomes so difficult for us to control ourselves at that moment. It is not as if He is the abode of merely sweetness and an intoxicating quality resides in him.

Krishna, the Heart-Stealer

 The mischievous Supreme Lover who arouses fresh new feelings in us is frivolous...even more fickle than fickleness incarnate. There is so much of capriciousness in His limbs, there is so much of fickleness in His spirited antics. Even more capricious than fickleness, is this fickle Youth, the Stealer of our hearts. How should I control myslef...what should I do? am incapabale of bearing so much of sweetness...and such fickleness. I am becoming powerless.He has forcibly stolen my doing so. I say Trickster! Oh fickle Heart-stealer! Alas! What is this you are doing...Oh!

1dupatta: scarf worn in India
2Manmath: Kamdev, the god of lov

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