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Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stotra: 8th shloka

Suvaranhmaalikanichate trirekhkambukanhthage,

Trisootramangaleegunh triratandeeptideedhiti.

Salolneelkuntale prasoonguchgumifate,

Kadaa karishyaseeh maan kripakatakshbhaajnam.

'Adorned with gold necklaces, wearing an auspicious mangalsutra (a string tied by a bridegroom round his bride's neck, to be worn as long as the husband lives) three-stringed with three gems dangling, around her three-lined conch shell like neck and gay flowers decking her flowing tresses in a graceful order,is Shri Radhika the epitome of perfect beauty! When will you consider us worthy recipients of your graceful glance and make us ecstatic with a ray of your favour?'

Her innately divine saffron limbs glow due to the gold necklaces...Jewels cannot accentuate her beauty but rather become radiant because of her closeness. Another underlying reason for their decking up is...they long for some blue-hued god to caress them...be fondled by his love-laden touch.

Romantic dallying is probably the innate nature of the lover and his beloved. Smoothing the loose dishevelled clothes, taking off-draping, a terrifying rush of love make the necklaces constantly delighted...their good fortune is unique since other ornaments can not gather the charming rapture. Their colour quality becomes radiant with the intimacy of their beloved's limbs and give in to more pleasure when the capricious handsome Krishna struggles...swings them...arranges them...entangles their order after straightening them...and now adjusts them after spoiling their sequence.

Shri Radha's neck is shaped like a conch shell. Just as three lines wind around the conch, three strings bedeck her neck...which seem golden in the reflection of gold ornaments. A mangalsutra encircles this holy neck. The bestower of good fortune to all auspicious occasions, an epitome of great good fortune is the daughter of Vrashbhanu.

Radha wears the string with the blessings of her paramour; for the well-being of Krishna, the conferrer and relisher of good luck. He may be God...the Supreme Being for devotees... Lord of the world...the Trinity(Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh) can deal with him. Above all, Shri Krishna is the darling of his affectionate followers...Pranvallabha or supreme lover of his beloveds...so Radha wishes good luck and good fortune for him and none other.

Three gems, sapphire, coral and diamond, dangle from the mangalsura. A blue tinge escalates from Radha's divine garments...a yellow lustre radiates from ornaments adorning her limbs, and the two colours combine to suffuse a green gleam. Though several other hues and passions fuse... wearing pearls and flowers of various colours, the blood-red hue tinting the soles of her feet and a bright lustre sparkles from the nails...innately red lips like a betel leaf detail a new redness.

Wearing a sapphire on the head, a blue hue suffuses the raven black tresses...Thus Shri Radhika is the auspicious abode of several colors but three are dominant. Shri Radha's graceful mannerisms, self-assurance and blissful energy, add to the majesty of her mangalsutra.

Flowing dark-blue tresses...why not black? In the light of the head ornament studded with a sapphire, her ravishing hair look blue-black. The Shri Radha Ashtakam mentions 'Neelalkavrinmukhe'. Constantly immersed in Krishna, the blue-hued ocean, an innate blue tinge cascades from her fragrant limbs...her dress up...her ornaments...Due to her golden lustre it appears green tinged several times.

Prasoonguchgumifate! Her hair adorned with bunches of flowers is not good fortune by itself...but the fact that the supreme lover has arranged them in a graceful order several times with his own lotus hands. The very first time he met his heart's beloved, the impassioned god had adorned her with blossoms. Entangling the flower garland in her flowing hair, he was captivated repeatedly. He had disentangled them to be enraptured again.

Once revered Sakhaji narrated that Shri Radhika waiting for her lover, rested her head on a boulder and lay down in a nikunja or bower. Krishna had seen her entering and she very well knew he would come soon. It is not tough to pass eras of expectancy but moments seem daunting.

Engrossed, she shut her eyes and lay down...One end of the dupatta or veil draped her shoulder and lay behind and the other end was tucked beneath her. Meanwhile the supreme rasika arrived stealthily and sat beside her, leaning back. She was startled with the terrifying rush of love, the lustful lover's closeness; reaching the heights of elation and ecstasy.

Krishna had selected blossoms and got them. Resting an arm on her, he took out flowers from her tangled hair and planted them in his own curls, with the other. He wove new fresh blossoms in her beautiful hair; adorning the fragrant flowing tresses. With this innovative stratagem, Krihsna dressed his beloved and decked his chest with impassioned Radha, the paragon of shangar.

'Salolneelkuntale prasoonguchgumifate' what does it mean?Being caressed by Radha's lotus hands, the stresses strut around affectedly...and a lock caresses her cheeks. Probably peeping to inspect the cheeks' virtues which captivate the infatuated lover. Precisely as intoxicated black bees dance with delight after sipping nectar...these blue-hued hair flow, steeped in the romantic sentiment.

Or ecstatic they invite the supreme lover...sort of giving a message. Krishna is supremely accomplished in construing gestures...and showers his love constantly on the flowing tresses...since they spur him to relish the love-play.

When will such a beautifully adorned Shri Radha, the paragon of shangar make us rapturous by a bit of her grace; so that we also become a cause of decking up and are blessed in the process.

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