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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Forty-sixth Shloka

bahula-cikura-bharam baddha-picchavatamsam ,
capala-capala-netram caru-bimbadharoshttham   |
madhura-mridula-hasam mandaroddhara-lilam ,
mrigayati nayanam me mugdha-vesham murareh  ||46||

Simple Meaning:

Enchanting Murari or Lord Krishna

My eyes are searching for that enchantingly adorned Murari, whose thick locks are tied like a peacock crest, bearing the peacock plume. Whose gaze is so very fickle that it darts here and there, whose lovely lips are red like bimba fruits, whose smile is sweet and gentle and whose playful dalliance churns the ocean of my heart with Mount Mandara.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Dark-hued Krishna Enchants a Braj Gopi

Steeped in the sakhi bhava, Shri Lilashuk says that whose heart will those fickle frivolous eyes searching and looting and hinting at something, not infatuate.The peacock plume tied in the hair noose of Krishna is delightedly flying the flag of that fickle gaze. But it is not the gaze but the flag of triumphing over the flock of Braj maidens which is revealing the whereabouts of the Supreme Lover's overpowering langour of love. A sweet gentle smile is spreading across His beautiful lips, a smile which is a prelude to some delightful love play. It is not a gentle smile but a gentle laughter-a smile is forever flirtatiously playing on His lips but today it is gentle laughter. One wonders what is the matter?...Why is He dressed in the best of finery? 

The Supreme Lover Charms a Cowherdess of Braj

 Becoming an enchanting arrangement of charming disaster befalling some voluptuous maiden, the laughter is spreading on His red lips. Ah! Tenderness loaded with an ardent longing! Truly preparations are on for some divine play which is going to churn our hearts with *Mount Mandara. What are the preparations? What has struck the naturally enchanting blue-hued Krtishna to be dressed in such fascinating finery? Oh! He does not have the slightest mercy and is bent on breaking vows of the cowherd maidens.

A Milkmaid Enamoured by Krishna

'braj mein abala kit jahi ': Where can the delicate cowherd maiden go to in Braj? What should she do. It is not feasible to stay on or move ahead. My eyes are searching for such a Youth who immersing the milkmaids of Braj in such a helpless state, makes them lose their senses .

Dark-hued Krishna in a Nikunja

Absorbed in the sakhi bhava, Bilavmangal ji saw this forever beautiful, stealer of our hearts Krishna, commuting on the forest path. Fond of playful flirtatiousness, the Supreme Lover would purposely vanish before him and reappear in front of him, several times. Once again once dark-hued Krishna hid in some thicket of creepers and could not be seen for long. Probably anguished because of this, Bilavmangal ji had no choice but to call out 'mrigayati nayanam me' to quench the thirst of his eyes...My eyes are frantically searching for that enchantingly adorned Murari (forever  and ineffably beautiful.)

*Comment: the divine play of Mount Mandara has been presented in three ways:

1) Mandara is generous like the kalpavriksha which means it does many lilas which bestow rasa or divine love like the kalpavriksha or wish fulfilling tree.

2)Just as the gods and demons had used Mandrachal to extract the nectar of immortality by churning the ocean; in exactly the same way Lord Krishna  performs several kinds of enchanting lilas for fulfilling the desires of His hordes of bhaktas and Braj's milkmaids.This is the generosity of Krishna, the compassionate ocean, that the bhakta can make Him dance in whichever way he wants and attain whatever he wants from Him.

3)Just as the Ksheer Sagar was churned by Mandrachal and gems were extracted from it in the same way through His great divine plays Krishna  steals perseverance, religion, sense of decency,virtuous conduct and other gems from us and He generates disturbance in the great ocean of our mind (as we move in a delicious anguish to His side)

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