Monday, March 30, 2009

Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stotra: 2nd shloka

Ashok Vrikshvallari vitanmandapstithte


Varabhyasfuratkare prabhootsampadalye,

Kada karishyaseeh maan kripatakshbhajnam.

'When will Shri Radhika resplendent in a nikunja or bower adorned with the ashoka (wish-fulfilling) tree, whose tender youthful holy feet are radiant and gentler than budding blossoms and lotus hands eternally grant the boon of protection; the repository of immense wealth be moved and bestow a fragment of her grace on me.'

A beautiful realm! Just imagine the kunja; a shady garden alcove with sides and roof formed by ashoka trees.The bright red flowers seem to propagate the splendour of Priya-Priyatam's fickle love-sports. And the thicket of creepers adorning the wild sylvan hideaway, adds to its beauty. Sunshine filtering through the webbed foliage seems to be offering saffron and kukum, to appease its perennial quest for union with the divine.

The glow of Shri Radha's lotus feet lights the hearts of devotees with compassionate tenderness, making them the recipients of her loving grace. And the reddish flush enflames the heart of the supreme lover. He ardently longs to romantically dally with Radha for the sake of joy. Soon enough Krishna, the colour of the condensed sky, arrives at the grove of ashoka trees, eagerly desirous to relish the sweet coolness of these feet.

How ravishingly auspicious are the Svamini's feet! Assurance of a protective canopy constantly cascades from her hands, because of which the pair of Krishna's lotus feet are fearless, reposed and absorbed in love.

Prabhootsampadalye are the beloveds of Shri Krishna. Their great good fortune is the impassioned ardent love of Nanda's handsome son, Krishna. The terrifying rush of joy which escalates all the time, is new and fresh and unprecedented. Passionately drawn by this intoxicating wealth, Krishna dallies romantically. As incarnations of love, Shri Radha-Krishna are both repositories of wealth and its relishers.

Shri Billavmangal Maharaj has acclaimed Krishna as the majestic lover of the gopis. But here we are referring to Shri Radha who is the object of Krishna's love, as love requires not only the self, but equally the object of love for its expression. There is no greater symbol to denote the longing of the soul in its quest for the divine than the longing of the nayika for her beloved.

Shri Radha is said to control Krishna with her love, and perfect spiritual life is unattainable without her grace. If she engages us in Krishna's service...we can experience the deeper ecstasies of devotion. When will she make us the recipients of her joyous delight and good fortune?

Since ages...for many life spans...could be anytime...we constantly hope...the compassionate svamini's eternal grace becomes the pivotal concept of our experience, and she makes us her own. Having infinite faith in her lotus feet, we yearn that she blesses us soon enough.

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