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'Shri Krishna-Karnamrita:' Ninety-second Shloka

madhuram madhuram vapur asya vibhor
madhuram madhuram vadanam madhuram
madhu-gandhi mridu smitam etad aho
madhuram madhuram maduram madhuram ||92||

Simple Meaning:

The Sweet Lotus Face of Krishna
The transcendental form of Lord Krishna is so very sweet. His lotus face is even sweeter than His body. And the soft smile on His face, which is laden with the fragrance of honey, is much sweeter.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Shri Billavmangaji Longs to Describe Krishna's Madhurya

All of a sudden the infinite ocean of Shri Krishna's madhurya gushes forth in front of Shri Lilashuk. His mind and heart become engrossed.In which language should he describe this ocean of sweetness, he reflects? Not being able to give a description, he ends up exclaiming madhur madhur!

Krishna's Smile Intoxicates Braj Beauties

Shri Krishna's transcendental form is nothing but the paragon of madhurya, of sweetness. Furthermore, the lotus face is excessively sweet. And His soft smile is even sweeter.What sort of a smile? This smile is like the nectar of that lotus face which is laden with the fragrance of honey,and is intoxicating for Braj beauties,in particular.

The Romantic Dalliance of Shri Radha-Krishna

The sweet fragrance of that slight smile is prevalent in this romantic dalliance because of honey being relished. He is dallying with Shri Radha. His soft smile endowed with the nectar of Priyaji's lips, is so very sweet, immensely sweet.

This soft smile is sweeter than sweet. The reason being that it is endowed with the fragrance of honey, thus it is laden with honey and fragrance.The smile resplendent on His lotus face has the fragrance and honey of a lotus.

Krishna, the Supreme Enjoyer of Opulence

The word ' vibhu ' indicates divine majesty. The One who is the Supreme enjoyer, and nurturer of all divine opulence, is great. All the beauty and sweetness of this world is stored in Krishna's body. Waves of love and passion keep surging through His blue-hued body every second.There are swelling emotions of love in every fiber of His being,there are splashes of passionate but not lustful rasa in every limb of His. Only His dedicated devotees are drenched in that sweet gush of passionate love.It charms those people's hearts, who ardently long for Him,and satisfies their eyes by letting them savour His beauteous form.
Krishna's Cowherd Friends Enjoy His Company

The cowherdesses of Braj relished the sweetness of Krishna's fragrant limbs. His cowherd friends fully tasted the joy of being His sakhas or friends. Even the birds and animals were blessed to be steeped in the sweetness of His lila or divine play.

Absorbed in the sakhi bhava,Shri Bilavmangalji exults all of a sudden,'madhuram madhuram vadanam madhuram, ' 'His lotus face is so intoxicating, it is the lake of ineffable beauty,' he says on seeing Krishna in front.

Shri Kumbhandas1 says:

Shri Kumbhandasji Praises Shri Goverdhan Nathji 

' sukhad sarovar subhag ang mein vadan kamal charu phoolyo ree maai |
ta upar baithe yug khanjan mat bhaye mano karat larai ||
kunchit kes sudes sakhi ree! madhupan ki mala juri aai |
'kumbhandas' prabhu goverdhandhar lalan hain yuvtin sakhudai || '

Krishna's Eyes are Likened to Wagtails

'This blue-hued body is the lake of a beauteous form, and Krishna's lotus face is blooming in it.The pair of eyes on His lotus face seem to be sporting like two intoxicated wagtails, and becoming restless.'

Curly Locks Encircle Krishna's Face

Curly locks are bending and encircling His lotus face, as if honeybees are hovering over a lotus flower to drink its nectar.

Krishna's lotus face is the great ocean of ineffable beauty. The love of the inner core of the Braj gopis' hearts has transformed into a lotus and is blooming. Two lotus eyes are blossoming on that lotus face, from which nectar is cascading.

His lotus face blooms throughout the night and day. This lotus flower blossoms with the moonbeams of Priyaji's lotus face. Krishna's lotus face is the nourisher of the eyes of several Braj maidens.

Shri Radha's Moonlike face

Goswami Hit Harivansh Mahaprabhu The composer of Radha Sudha Nidhi has given a description of Radha's sweet face in the 'Sudha Nidhi':

 'tannah pratishana chamatkrit charulila-lavany mohan maha madhuranga bhangi radhananam hi madhuranga kala nidhanam avirbhavishyati kada rasa sindhu saram  ||'

'When will the sweet and graceful nectarean ocean that is Radha's face, an ocean filled with waves of sweetness, charm, beauty and wonderful beautiful pastimes, every moment, before us.

1 Kumbhandas: was one of the original 84 disciples of Shri. Vallabhacharyaji in the early 1500.Kumbhandas was recognized as one of the Ashtasakhas in Pushtimarg; one of the eight close friends of ShriNathji. Ashtasakhas were great song writers and singers of praises of Shri Goverdhannathji.

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