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Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stotra: 1st shloka

Shri Radha, the Godhead in Female Form

Muneendra-vrindvandite trilok shokharini,
Prasan vaktrapankaje nikunj bhuvilasini.

Brajendra Bhanunandini Brajendra sunusangate,

Kadaa karishyaseeh maan kripa kataksh bhaajnam.

Shri Radha, the Godhead in female form, is daily propitiated by a handful of chief sages; Narada considered the heart of Shri Krishna and Vyasdevji, Valmikiji and Vashistha. Munnis assume that the Supreme Being is the ultimate reality but topmost ascetics long for Shri Radha, the impassioned form of the supreme lover. They constantly pray to Krishna's special consort who wins Him over with Her power of selfless and sweet love.

There is no greater symbol to denote the longing of the soul in its quest for the divine than the longing of the nayika for her beloved. Eliminating sorrows of the three worlds, Shri Radha represents the highest ideal of religious rapture experienced through madhur rasa, the sentiment of sweet romance.

She instinctively destroys grief; always triumphing because of Her innate divinity. Her joyous lotus face, radiant eyes and beaming smile, make the cool moonbeams and sunshine's brilliance seem pale in comparison. She showers love on every living being without bias. Though the pain is alleviated only after we are engaged in Lord Krishna's service. Shri Radha is acknowledged as the supreme deity, for She controls Krishna with Her love and perfect spiritual life is unattainable without Her grace.

Her delighted lotus face passionately draws the Supreme Lover to the nikunjas. Love requires not only the self but equally the object of love for its expression, therefore Radha's re-configuration becomes necessary. Devotion to Krishna is not an end in itself but that devotion is to be expressed and experienced in the union of the lover and the beloved, Radha and Krishna.

 Black Bee Krishna Hovers Over Shri Radha's Lotus Face

Ardently longing to relish the romantic sentiment, the handsome god arrives at the shrine-like nikunja,which leads to amorous frolics of the lover and His beloved. Likened to the capricious black bee hovering over the lotus face of Shri Radha, Krishna relishes the nectar and loads her with nectarine sweetness.

Shri Radha, the Ascending Soul & Krishna, the Descending God Become One

Shri Radhika, the daughter of Vrasbhanu, is Krishna's special consort. Accompanying Him wherever He ventures; She is the embodiment of that irresistibly attractive feminine principle toward which the masculine power encompassed in the god is drawn.Thus the play between Radha and Krishna, as they move into the mysteries of love becomes a conjunction of the male and female polarities of the cosmos itself, where the descending god and the ascending soul are one.

Reminding Shri Radha of her romantic dalliances, the creator of this composition entreats in the first  shloka,' I beseech the one worshipped by the group of great sages, who alleviates sorrows afflicting the three worlds; daughter of Vrashbhanu who constantly dallyies in the forest groves with joyous abandon, the delightful consort of Brajendra (Krishna) to please engage me in Krishna's service.

Entreating Shri Radha to Shower Her Compassionate Glance on Us

My svamini, I make obeisance to you. When will You shower your grace on me; granting me the boon of your compassionate glance (kripa kataksh) so that I attain a fragment of Your Supreme Lover Krishna's passionate joy, and reach the heights of elation and ecstasy?'

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