Sunday, August 15, 2010

3rd and 4th Verses of Shri Rudrashtakam

Verse 3
Tushaa raadri-sankaasellsha-gauram gabhiram |
Manobhuta-koti prabha sri sariram ||
Sphuran mauli-kallolini-charu-ganga ||
lasad-bhaala-balendu kanthe bhujangaa ||3||

 Worship Fair-complexioned Shiva

I worship Shiva who is fair-complexioned and dignified like the Himalayas, whose body is radiant with the splendour of crores of Kamdevs , the beautiful river Ganga is nestled on His head, with the crescent moon posited on His brow and snakes adorning his neck.

Verse 4
Chalatkundalam bhru sunetram visalam |
Prasannaa-nanam nila-kantham dayaalam ||
Mrgadhisa charmaambaram mundamaalam |
Priyam sankaram sarvanaatham bhajaami ||4||

Lord Shiva is Known as Neelkanth

I worship Lord Shankar (working for our well-being)who is the Lord loved by everyone. Kundals (large ear-rings as worn by yogis) are dangling from His ears, He has beautiful eyebrows, huge eyes, and looks pleased.He is known as Neelkanth (According to the Puranas, Shiva received this name as He drank the poison that emerged from the ocean after it was churned for getting the nectar of immortality. With the power of His yoga, Shiva arrested the poison in His throat but it turned blue.) and is merciful. Putting on a garment made of lion skin, He has a garland of skulls draped around his neck.

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