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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XXXIII

One fine day while dozing off in the courtyard of Venu Vinod Kunj Manorma Bahen ji saw Manohar Baba lying down on a wooden bed in his room.

Revered Baba's Thakur Venu Vinod Bihari ji

Thakur Venu Vinod Bihari ji was standing at the head of his bed and gazing fixedly at him. On waking up she was very disturbed and instantly ran up. When she asked Baba the reason for Thakur ji's looking at him so intently, he smiled faintly and replied, “I have been called upon to appear before the Divine.The body is at the final stage of its journey in the material world.”

Once Rasacharya Svami Shri Kunj Bihari Sharma, the eldest son of Rasacharya Svami Shri Ram ji Sharma, asked Baba, “How are you feeling, Baba?”

The Realm of Lord Krishna Abounds in Religious Rapture

With great difficulty Manohar Baba answered, “I am feeling a sort of vacuum.” That is when Shri Kunj Bihari stated, “ Baba, the spiritual world abounds in religious rapture.” On this remark instantly the ailing face of Baba was lit with an unprecedented lustre. Soon enough he exulted, “The divine realm is filled to the brim with the heights of elation and ecstasy. Where can it go?”

Baba's condition deteriorated considerably on 31st August,2009. His body stopped taking in oxygen.Seeing this miserable condition of Baba, revered Devi ji was also extremely worried. She was incapable of repeatedly going to the first floor to look up Baba. Therefore on her insistence Manohar Baba agreed to stay in a room on the ground floor.

Soon after the room of revered Manorma Bahen ji was vacated and arrangements were made for Baba to stay in that room.Since quite some time Baba had used this room earlier. Rasacharya Svami Shri Kunj Bihari ji Sharma picked up Baba in his lap and got him down from the upper storey. First of all Baba was made to sit with a chair's support before the bed of highly revered Shri Maharaj ji, in his room.

Shri Manohar Baba

Revered Devi ji asked him, “ Baba,have you actually got a call from the Divine? Kindly wait.” Instantly Baba responded, “Yes, just for three days. Do not stop me, as of now. Merely a span of three days are left for my departure. Hence no one should insist in any way for me to eat well nor should any person get my medical investigations done. At present I do not want to take any medication which makes me lose my consciousness. “

The entire parikar (inner circle of devotees) had surrounded Baba and was sitting in rapt attention.

Shri Balkrishan Das ji Maharaj

Baba was looking fixedly at the portrait of highly revered Shri Maharaj ji. Thereafter Baba talked some matters with revered Devi ji and Kusum Bahen ji in isolation. Soon after Baba was brought and made to sit in front of Thakur ji in the temple of Thakur Venu Vinod Bihari ji. The instant he affectionately gazed at Thakur ji, tears began streaming down his cheeks constantly. After this episode he was brought to his new room and made to lie down.

Baba told Sushri Vijaya Mule his niece, “ A bottle of attar is kept at a certain place in my room on the upper floor. Applying this attar on revered Thakur ji and Shri Maharaj ji, you should get the prasadi (remnants) attar and give it to me.”

The news of revered Manohar Baba's condition deteriorating considerably spread like a wild forest fire to far off places. Since the past so many days Shri Shyam Mule and Shri Dilip Mule were attending to the needs of Baba along with their families. Above all the bhaktas-devotees of Baba living in Barwani, Indore, Khargaon, Bhopal, Lonara, Lucknow, Delhi, Maheshar, Gurgaon and other various regions, began heading for Vrindavan in whatever state they were and whichever means of transport they got. Everyone was ardently praying to God that their lovable Manohar Baba should recover as soon as possible.

Baba faced great difficultly in breathing. Sitting next to him for long and talking to him was strictly forbidden. Even so he met everyone, recognising them and accepting their respectful greetings. Several siddh saints, luminaries and associates of Vrindavan and its neighbouring regions were coming to have Baba's darshan. Right from the morning till late at night flocks of visitors thronged Venu Vinod Kunj to catch a glimpse of Manohar Baba.

Lord Krishna's Abode

Once again revered Devi ji coaxed Baba, “All the people are coming for your darshan and there are many of them who are on the way. Stay back for some more days.” Baba firmly replied, “Devi ji don't be adamant. Do not stop me, as of now. I have taken permission from Maharaj ji (for gaining entry into Lord Krishna's abode)”

While conversing with revered Devi ji he even recited this couple which he was very fond of:

Nazar se nazar milee, mulaakaat ho gayee |

Aankhon hee aankhon mein unse baat ho gayee ||

Very briefly revered Manohar Baba would ask about the well-being of those people who called upon him. Simultaneously he would smile faintly and say 'Naryana-Narayan' to the person who wanted to take his leave and go back home.

Manohar Baba Sitting in the Courtyard of Venu Vinod Kunj

When the afternoon had passed Baba wished to come out of his room and sit in the courtyard. Consequently he was made to sit in a chair outside his room. Several members of his family were sitting near him.

The Playful Dalliance of Lord Krishna

Baba was smiling ecstatically and with eyes closed he was relishing the lilas or divine play of Lord Krishna. Off and on he would open his eyes with great effort and casting a glance on everyone shut his eyes again. Revered Devi ji was very distressed to see Baba's feeble condition. She was repeatedly wiping the tears streaming down her cheeks with her dhoti.

Observing Baba's physical suffering, the entire parikar was fervently praying to Thakur Venu Vinod Bihari and revered Shri Maharaj ji that they should reduce Baba's painful anguish and make him absolutely healthy.

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