Saturday, November 19, 2016

'Shri Krishna-Karnamrita:' One hundred and Twelfth Shloka

anugraha-dviguna-vishala-locanair ,
mridu-murali-ravamritaih |
yatah prasarati me vilocanam ,
tatah sphurau tavaiva vaibhavam ||112||

Simple Meaning:

 Gentle Flute Play & Doubly Expanded Eyes of Krishna

 Always remembering Your madhurya O Krishna, I pray that wherever my sight shall wander, therein along with the nectarous, gentle low sweet sounds of Your flute as well as Your eyes, doubly expanded with mercy, You manifest Your beauty, sweetness and opulence before me!

Rasa-laden Commentary:

  Amorous Frolics of Krishna, the Supreme Lover

 Shripad Billavmangalji Maharaj says,” O Supreme Lover Krishna! May I always see the expansion of Your opulence and sweetness. May the sweetness of Your amorous frolics, the beauty of Your capriciousness, keep manifesting before me wherever my eyes shall wander. Ask at least something, if not much, about what should be there in that amorous play, that sweet opulence of Yours.

Krishna's Rasa-laden Eyes

 Firstly, Your juicy pointed eyes should be laden with rasa and blooming on their own and simultaneously Your grace, affectionate grace should also be showered on me-Your naturally wide eyes should have doubly expanded with rasa and mercy and I see…Oh! What a madhur joyous sweetness and opulence in that expansion…I see that my memory is contained in Your huge eyes. Truly! You are remembering me through eyes which have become double their size with grace. Oh! How greatly fortunate am I! As if the earnest effort of my entire life has incarnated and is brimming in Your eyes. Furthermore, where my eyes are becoming ecstatic on seeing my remembrance cascading from Your doubly expanded eyes there my ears have also been soaked in some rasa madhuri to quench their thirst.

Krishna's Flute Play

 When You remember me through the tender melodious sound of Your flute, by making the flute holes drink the nectar of Your lips, call out to me by taking my name with an affectionate amorous voice- and give me some message.

Dark-hued Krishna Manifests in Front of Billagmangalji

 Sinking and rising in the melody of Your flute play-my remembrance becomes a subject of my hearing and when I look up Your beauty, sweetness and opulence have manifested in front of me-

Gopis are Passionately Drawn by Krishna

Yes that same sweetness and opulence in which the Braj beauties are lost and who have been smitten by these traits of Yours. Enraptured by this persona of Yours they have left their families, husband, children and relatives. May that very sweet opulence of Yours forever flash in front of me wherever my sight shall wander.

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