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Prem Sudha Dhara: Umaji

(Page 28)

Gopis Begging to Hold Krishna's Hand

Shri Hari

Sri Vrindavan Dhaam

13th January 1962

Dear Uma,

With Love, Jai Sri Hari!

In the absence of physical closeness to Sri Hari, chanting his name, reflecting on his divine play and singing his glories is the only recourse …strength…tender assurance for a restlessly distressed mind and longing soul. ‘He should come close, very close, absolutely close’…this constant yearning for a state of oneness with the divine is comforting and reigns supreme. He may come when he pleases but what can be more fortunate than this ardent desire tugging at our heartstrings, not letting us rest in peace?

This metaphorical search of the impassioned soul for union with God leads to a pathos of longing in his own devotee eagerly desirous to become a part of the divine condition. Only the Lord has the antidote for lovelorn hearts. The enraptured gopis were on fire with desire of having Krishna’s attention for themselves. Precisely this yearning should persist, escalate and be inflamed, bestowing spiritual bliss on us.

Once I had read a beautiful verse of an Urdu poet and had probably recited the same to you:

La Apna Haath De Mere Daste Sawal Mein,

Kuch Aur Mangna Meri Nazar Mein Gunah Hai.

“Oh Beloved, I extend my hand begging you for a favour... grant me one wish…asking for anything else is shameful on my part…no, no…it is a great offense…What? You are questioning me…my sweetheart! It is your lovely-soft, fragrant lotus-tender hand. Give your charming, passionately sensitive hand in mine…Ah! There is no greater good fortune; wealth…or heart-stirring sweetness…just...merely…let me hold your hand my Lord.”

Taking a break, I have sat down again. The flow seems hampered but if the motivator wants me to write he will succeed. Oh, I remember another point. Hajrat Rumi was a celebrated and devout Sufi saint and highly learned. He has also somewhat endorsed the ethos in the above verse. Uma, mankind has this perennial quest for a divine and transcendental love. Some are less and others more ardent seekers of the ultimate reality. The more this desire is inflamed the better it nurses the passion. Amongst hearts throbbing longingly the question of Hindus or Muslims, males or females does not crop up.

According to me and acharyas of the Hindu doctrine, Sri Hari is the only male and the questing human soul is feminine. Embedded deep in Vaishnava doctrine is the belief that Lord Krishna is the sole purusha, the divine exemplar is singular without a second and therefore there can be no other male. The human soul striving for evolution is conceived as a woman, a celestial energy of the divine.

Anyway now listen to the essence of Maulana Rumi’s pada or devotional verse,” My Lord, place your soothing hand on me. The touch of your palm comforts me…calms the miserable agony in our lives…yes bless me with the same hand my Lord. I am craving for your touch. Uma, such delicious anguish! Who can possibly not long for this state; distressed by the pathos of separation not crave for such spiritual bliss?

The Gopis entreated, “Oh Almighty! Your lotus hands grant all desires, fulfill all longings…we are ardently at your service…craving for complete absorption in the joy of Krishna. Keeping your lotus-hand on us, provide an antidote for this aching separation and soothe our hearts on fire with desire for You. You are a friend of the distressed, protector of the wretchedly miserable…the solution for all shortcomings…drive away our sorrow, being deprived of your closeness, your physical presence…

Oh! Supreme Lover, there can be no greater grief! Inflamed with yearning, who can be more wretched than us, oh destroyer of sorrows! Oh demolisher of grief! Come dear Lord and keep your lotus-hand on our anguished hearts and foreheads …bestow life on us otherwise tormented with longing we will certainly die…Oh! The aching pathos of separation is more terrifying than death and no longer bearable…come and bless us".

With Love,

Yours Usha.

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