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Chapter 44: Bobo's Views On Some Other Spiritual Contexts

Several times associates would question revered Bobo about spirituality and she would lucidly explain her perspective in satsangs and answer their queries. We are going to give a concise account below:

Regarding the handsome Shyam's love she says, “We must be convinced that he is ours for sure.And the body must also sense it.” They would quiz, " How can we without seeing him?" And she answered, “We must keep the company of his devotees, observe love-lorn Braj beauties who experience the joy of his presence and attain the same state. The intertwining roles of this enraptured state and Krishna's ineffable beauty can not be separated or identified.

Finding Krishna is extremely easy. Sakhis relishing the rasa of that dark god sang in joyous abandon and this is the very essence of padas and shlokas composed by rasikas.When we also get lost in that lovingly tender form-in the longing of that adulating sakhi, the song becomes effectual.

Bobo says again,

“Whether we are miserable or delighted we must imaginatively recollect or do smarana of the beautiful Yugal by calling out to them constantly.They are omnipresent and omniscient for certain but above all Radha-Krishna are most beloved, the soul and essence of our lives. if we do not relieve ourselves by revealing our inner feelings to them,who else shall we turn to?

Throwing light on the Shrimad Bhagwat and its significance, revered Bobo explains, "The Shrimad Bhagwad is not merely a scripture-it is Lord Krishna in the form of a religious text. The topic expounded in this text is that this captivating Braj Raj and supreme lover of the gopis manifesting in this form, draws his devotees and makes them his own.

Narration of Krishna's countless legends touches and attracts those who are pure of heart but can not be relished fully without an ardent longing to loot the joyous abandon of his proximity. Such a person does not get instinctive joy in other discussions, topics and persons. In such a scene the heart tries to find refuge in Krishna. Assaying oneself on this touchstone if one seems inclined towards other subjects, then repeatedly one must pray to this sacred couple the Yugal for delivering us from this scene.

Clarifying herself at one instance, “The aim of life, bhajans and satsangs is not merely spending time in renunciation and sacrifice but absolute entrustment and intense love for the lotus feet of Krishna.This is not dependent on any means but the company of devotees and repeatedly reading about God's ways and singing his glories easily grant his precious love.

In context to taking God' name and japa she says, “ It is best to pray by taking his name so that he catches hold of us. Actually speaking name and the divine are in essence a single entity.”

Japa is not just turning the beads of the mala (Vaishnava rosary) and chanting but when it becomes a recollection of his name, smarana (inner practice of concentrated meditation) and chintan (reflecting or thinking) of the nami or Supreme Being, a tabloid of his beauteous form and repeated rushes of his lilas invade our mind, it is true japa or incantation. Though nothing is in our hands and absolutely depends on his grace but Krishna is always desirous to bestow his grace on us-we must ask him day in and day out to just let us become conscious of this fact.

Describing the svarupa of love revered Bobo says at one place, “Love is such a vast, pure and tender word and brahma or ultimate in words. Due to this English acharyas (spiritual leaders) have acclaimed, “Love is God and God is love.” Actually speaking it is the other name of the handsomely decked Ras Raj,which has the tangible form of Krishna's terrifying rush of love.The living presence of his loving tenderness is apparent since he is the supreme lover himself...

The Vedas have acclaimed Shri Hari as rasa and this rasa is love. The love apparent in living beings is a dim reflection of this divine love. And usually smeared with self interest it appears tarnished.

But in the refuge of this lovable Radha-Krishna the love which flourishes by bonding with the divine couple, evidently works towards our attaining Shri Hari; and it is stripped of physical contact, worldly lust and personal joy. We must fulfil this transcendental love to the best of our ability so that we are enflamed and not calmed until the ardent lover Krishna does not placate us with his loving tenderness.The joy of belonging is followed by the pathos of longing. The passionate cycle of love is constant with succeeding episodes of union and separation.

Those enraptured cowherdesses of Braj are constantly drawn by the supreme lover but in those moments when that delicious anguish invades their heart with a terrifying rush it draws dallying Krishna at that very moment.And that reminiscence soon transforms into a romantic dalliance since the son of Nanda is honoured by their intense yearning and charmed.

At one instance Bobo says, “ Recollection is a word which gives tangible form to its meaning. Just a short while ago Krishna was nearby, the spirited paramour got up and went probably to that nikunjas and this crazed maiden was restless.The emptiness of his absence makes her feel as if ages have passed. And her eyes well up with tears, she seems to be ailing, the maiden who dallied with Krishna a short while ago.The dalliance has turned into an imaginative recollection of his mysterious and sudden love.

Lost, even the slightest footfall makes her feel that the supreme lover has arrived. And the black cuckoo calls out in the mango groves but it isn't the dark god. She recalls that during the ardent days of spring when Krishna had imitated the cry of a black cuckoo and soon after exiting from some dense nikunja, he incarnated right in front.Consequently in the union of the lover and the beloved, they reached the heights of elation and ecstasy.

Discussing affection at one place she says, “Resolving the questions and answers centred on affection is neither possible in any bhava nor in any language.Despite being immersed in this impassioned Yugal no one could get a definite answer to their love laden questions. The bond of love is not for resolving ( a doubtful matter).Topics, worldly dealings, mundane doubts and apprehensions can be solved in this mundane world but in the spiritual realm there is nothing definite.

Clarifying her opinion on desire and resolve she says, “Whenever we start any work, we certainly think of completing it.When such thoughts surge forth desire assumes the form of resolve and success is achieved instantly. The essence of all doctrines is to be completely absorbed in this loving Yugal. All this becomes easy due to the compassionate glance of Radha-Krishna.

Our means is a permanent anguish, an ardent longing and meditating upon the sacred couple,-calling out to them-and being so engrossed that one is not conscious of other thoughts.As fruition this impassioned Priya-Priyatam make us insane by getting their love looted. On their becoming visible our yearning finds respite and are not distanced from them.”

Bobo clearly assures again at one place,“ One should not be apprehensive about Bobo abandoning us. Primarily Bobo will not discard us if we remain by the side of Krishna.Rather she will come closer. By your treading on the path of the supreme lover we will be stripped of other thoughts, desires, wishes, longings for them but

the coming together of the son of Nanda and his devotees assembles his close ones like the creepers of an evergreen tree. The dark god's sudden and mysterious love invades their hearts filling them with inspiration and delight. In this sweet spiritual realm what is worth leaving is easily abandoned on its own and what is worth holding on to comes into our grasp instinctively.

You will have no difficulty in doing lila chintan or imaginative recollection of living through the countless playful legends of Radha-Krishna. Sakhaji's (a siddha) loving grace has made the handsome god's lila madhuri easily available for us-at the behest of the handsome Rasika. Those moved by passionate religious devotion for Krishna have also sung with enthused exultation of Radha-Krishna's amorous frolics.Gaining entry, let us peep at the beautiful Yugal absorbed in their most intimate transcendental exchanges and be steeped in their madhurima or sweet love.

Bobo says at one point, “When the mind is in our control and concentrates on the beautiful Yugal we reach the heights of elation and ecstasy. But even if the mind wanders, the body should be disciplined and this gradually gets the mind under control.

Lucidly expressing her perspective on religous devotion she explains, “ Abounding with faith, the mature state of love is known as bhakti. Discarding deceit and fraud and seeking refuge in handsome Shyam is the focused aim of devotion. As long as the mind is pretentious and arrogant, desiring personal glory and fame, it is tough to be religious. Steeped in bhakti, a passionate hymn singing the glories of Krishna, the mind moves away from topical reflection and gets absorbed in the Ultimate Being.

In the context of the searcher and the sought Bobo says,Krishna and a longing for him can not be separated or identified. Even so may the yearning incarnate and support us. Setting in motion its visible splendour, sweet picture, and divine play in our bodies minds and souls, may it keep us in close proximity.”

She endorses at one point, “Much sweeter than walking on the commendable path of responsibility is to constantly roam in the passionate lanes abounding with the supreme lover's terrifying rush of love.

Telling us the course of getting true peace Bobo says at one point, “ Up until the mind does not get fastened to the pristine lotus feet of Shri Hari, the supreme lover, our wandering around aimlessly does not end. Tamogunis or those who are ignorant full of malice and busy with wicked deeds,the rajogunis are involved in various businesses, and sadgunis are concerned with mankind's well being, compassion, and other virtues.

Lord Krishna has said in the Gita, “Rise above the three gunas (the three constituents of nature viz. Sattva 'goodness', rajas 'passion' and tamas 'darkness') only then will you get true peace.”

Physical ailments are cured by medicines but relief from a diseased mind is possible by being closely attached to the lotus feet of this handsome Braj Raj.

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