Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shri Venu Geet: Twelfth Shloka

The Gods' Wives Are Enchanted by Lord Krishna

krsnam niriksya vanitotsava-rupa-shilam
srutva ca tat-kvanita-venu-vichitra-gitam
devyo vimana-gatayah smara-nunna-saaraa
bhrashyat-prasuna-kabaraa mumuhur vinivyah ||
(SB 10.21.12)

Lord Krishna is Ineffably Beautiful

Meaning: "O Sakhi! What to speak of the female deer, when the wives of heavenly gods see Sri Krishna who is a treasury of ineffable beauty & virtuousness, and delights young women. When they hear the sweet melodies sung on His flute and His variegated voice modulations, they lose their sanity on the airplanes itself, fainting right in front of their husbands.They have no inkling that the flowers braided in their hair are falling on earth. So much so, that they are absolutely unaware of the state of their saris which slip from their waists and drop onto the ground."

The Nostalgic Flute Song of Krishna

Commentary by Shri Manohar Baba: "The svarupa of Sri Krishna is like a festive celebration for the eyes of beautiful, lovable and virtuous beloveds. The goddesses lose their calm on hearing the amazingly nostalgic flute song and on glimpsing Supreme Lover Sri Krishna even though they are comfortably sitting in the laps of their husbands.Their braided hair flies open and the flowers strung into them keep dropping while the drawstrings of their saris loosen. They have no inkling of their disheveled condition.

The Gods' Wives are Passionately Drawn to Krishna, the Supreme Lover

Actually speaking these wives of the gods are truly blessed! Whereas we who can easily catch a glimpse of beauteous Sri Krishna, the storehouse of nectar, are not so fortunate because we can not trail behind Him in the forest due to highly restrictive social conventions. The female deer belonging to the animal species and the goddesses are blessed with great good fortune. Even on being humans we are so unfortunate. Lucky are they whose husbands are not jealous on seeing them ardently long for Shri Krishna's love. In any case, where have we attained such good fortune? "

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