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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' One hundred and Seventh Shloka

bhaktis tvayi sthiratarā bhagavan yadi syād
daivena na
phalati divya-kiśora-mūrti |
svaya mukulitāñjali sevatesmān
ārtha-kāma-gataya samaya-pratīkā ||107||

Simple Meaning:

 Youthful Krishna

O Lord! If I am engaged in firm devotional service to You,then I can very easily perceive Your divine youthful form. And as far as liberation is concerned, she stands at my door with folded hands, waiting to serve me, and all material conveniences of religiosity, economic development, and sense gratification stand along with her.

Rasa-laden Meaning:

Shri Billavmangal ji Sees Krishna

Hearing Shri Billavmangal ji’s entreaty Lord Krishna asks that even on perceiving me standing right there in front of you why are you praying for a flash of My lila or divine play.

Billavmangal ji says in reply “Lord! This mind is extremely fickle it does not stay permanently lodged in Your lovely lotus feet therefore I am asking for firm devotional service of Your auspicious feet. Grant me unwavering bhakti. Once my religious devotion is firmly established then mukti or liberation will be ready to serve me with folded hands.

'Shri Bhakti Rasamrit Sindhu'

 yadi bhavati mukunde bhaktir ānanda-sāndrā
karatala-kalitā sā moka-sāmrājya-lakmī
(Bhakti Rasamrit Sindhu)
Anyone who possesses devotion for Lord Mukunda that is densely imbued with ecstasy holds in the palms of his hands the gifts of liberation, worldly influence, and wealth.
Shri Gadadhar Bhatt says:
ek ju meri akhiyan mein nisidyos rahyo kari bhaun
gayi charawan jaat sunyo sakhi so dhau kanhaiya kaun

The heart in which Your lila or divine play is ensconced you do not leave that heart for even a moment.

haath chhu daye jat hau, nibal jani kai mohe
hiradai tean jab jahuge, sabal badauango tohi..'

Leaving my hand You go away, knowing that I am weak. I will acknowledge Your strength when you will go and reside in the temple of my heart.

However, this bhakti is not ordinary where there is observance of religious rites and rituals, it is not even bhava bhakti. It is prema bhakti which has attained the fully mature state of intense love, the highest form of devotion to God.( supreme attachment to the lotus-feet of the Lord. This bhakti springs from the bottom of the devotee's heart, no effort is needed,  only a genuine, natural and spontaneous longing to meet God exists.)Krishna can’t flee from the heart in which it rises for even a moment.

Shri Krishna-Karshini, an Attractor for dark-hued Krishna

 ‘Shri Krishna-Karshini’( how to be an attractor for Lord Krishna) is said to be the topmost quality of the six qualities of uttama bhakti mentioned in ‘Bhakti Rasamrit Sindhu.’ Pure devotional service passionately draws dark-hued Krishna and imprisons him in the cave of one’s heart.
kRRitvA hariM prema-bhAjaM priya-varga-samanvitam |
bhaktir vashIkarotIti shrI-kRRiShNAkarShiNI matA || 1.1.41 ||

 ‘Prema Bhakti as called Shri Krishna Karshini  for possessing the power of attracting Lord Krishna, because such Bhakti charms dark-hued Krishna into complete submission through endearing love and affection for Bhagwan Krishna with His Entourage".
Shri Billavmangalji is praying for this firm devotional service. This pure bhakti is going to lead him to God realization, the realization of Brahman.

Lord Krishna Residing in Our Heart

Attracted by the fragrance of this Krishna Karshini prema bhakti, Krishna Himself reaches the lotus of one’s heart and relishes the rasa of that heart.
Apart from service to Krishna, meditating upon, hearing and remebering His sweet lilas or playful dalliances and the singing of devotional hymns other efforts made by an individual to attract Krishna are extremely worthless for the bhakta.
Therefore, the only prayer to Krishna is to grant us prema bhakti in His lotus feet which are so rare to attain. No other ardent longing exists.

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