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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Hundred and Secondth Shloka

bhuvanam bhavanam vilasini shri- 
tanayas tamara-sasanah smarash ca |  
paricara-paramparah surendras-  
tad api tvac-caritam vibho vicitram ||102||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Vishnu with His Consort, Goddess Lakshmi

O Lord! Although the entire universe is Your abode. Rama Devi (goddess Laksmi) is Your consort,Brahma sitting on the lotus and Kamdev are Your sons, Indra and other demigods are Your attendants, still, Your pastimes in Vraja are most wonderful.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Bhagavad Gita

Desirous to hear Shri Billavmangalji's words laden with humility and distress, mischievous Krishna says:I have affirmed in the 'Bhagavad Gita:'
eeshavaraha sarvabhootaanaam hriddesherjuna tishthati |
bhraamayansarvabhootaani yantraroodhaani maayayaa || 61 ||
( Bhagavad Gita verse 61, chapter 18)
'O Arjuna! Ishvara is seated in the hearts of all beings, spinning all beings mounted on a machine by maya.'

 Surrender Unto Krishna

tam eva saranam gaccha sarva-bhavena bharata
tat-prasadat param santim sthanam prapsyasi sasvatam |
(Bhagavad Gita verse 62, chapter 18)

'O Son of Kunti, willingly surrender your life and soul unto Him. O Bharata, seek refuge and salvation in Him only and you shall have achieved eternal peace and bliss in His Supreme abode.'
 Ishvara & His Maya

"Giving up the worshippable Ishvara, expounded in Shri Gita and other religious scriptures why are you singing hymns of praise for Me, why are Your seeking my refuge in particular?"asks Krishna.

 Incarnations of Lord Vishnu

 "O Lord!Your character is very unusual," replies Billavmangalji." The universe is Your abode and You are everybody's shelter. Your persona, which is rejuvenating for the eyes, is even more extraordinary. Your incarnation in Vrindavan wherein You perform lilas1 by playfully dallying with the simple cowherdesses of Braj is even more unique than those incarnations where You enact lilas in opulence. It is extremely tough to understand this fact.


Indra and the other demigods are Your attendants but there is no madhurya in their characters. Whereas Your character has traits of sweetness as well as regal opulence.
madhuraishwarya-madhurya kripadibhandara
(Chaitanya Charitramrita)

Krishna Dallying with Gopis

Even though Your sporting with countless Maharshis is unique but Your romantic dalliances with countless Braj gopis is best of all.And that Form of Yours is what deserves service by me.

Krishna is Worshipped in Every House of Braj

You are known as Vibhu2 because You assume a number of Forms.
'jo sukh lait sada brajvasi |
so sukh sapne hun nahin pawat je jan hain vaikunth niwasi ||
hyan ghar ghar haiva rahyo khilona, jagat kahat jako avinashi |
'Nagridas' vishaw te nyari, lagi gai haath, loot sukhrasi ||'

'The residents of Vaikunth can not even dream of that joy which denizens of Braj can acquire. Like a playful toy You reside in every house of Braj, the One whom the world calls indestructible. It is rare in this world to lay hands on that loot which is Krishna, a store of joy.'

The Gopis Love for Krishna

 O Lord Krishna! I am not overwhelmed by your many temptations. Where else can one find Your sweet romantic dalliance with Braj maidens whose love is seen as transcendental love of the highest order, the zenith of spiritual awareness," sums up Billavmangalji.

1 lilas:(Krishna is not subjugated by the love of His aishwarya bhaktas, but by the love of His madhurya devotees.
2 Vibhu: All Pervasive as the Supreme Being

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