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Prem Sudha Dhara: Sarojji


Dark-Hued Krishna Confronts the Gopis at Sankari Khor

Sri Hari

Sri Vrindavan Dhaam

12th Februaty 1973

Dear Saroj,

With love, Jai Sri Hari.

Saroj, you should be on guard of ghaats (river banks) or ghaatis (mountain passes.) During the merry festivities of Holi, the maidens of Braj, particularly newly-weds are wary of going to the banks of the Yamuna or wells. But strangely enough it is a mere pretense. On fire with desire for Krishna, the gopis find hundreds of excuses to attend on him.

One of them complained to the other," We will never cross Daanghaati, sakhi. The mischievously insistent Kishore with a lakuti ( a small club held by Krishna) in his hand blocks our path and his rowdy gang of sakhas pester us."

Another feigning fright, remarked with a slight smile,"Frankly speaking, the mere thought of crossing Daanghaati makes me tremble; the tricky stratagems of Chaliya Kishore are truly vexing."

Now a third pitched in,"The added passionate frenzy of Basant (spring) has spirited Rasiya immensely.Sakhi, you can spot him roam around flirtatiously in a notorious fashion at Daanghaati or glimpse him at the banks of the Yamuna. Carrying gulal ( the powder usually red sprinkled by participants in the Holi festival) in his waistband and fervently sprinkling colour, he cheekily shoves us in the process. The bliss is indescribable."

A voluptuous newly-wed,mumbled slightly raising her veil," You are raving about him but I am worried about fetching water. In case I don't, I will be scolded back home and if I do... ". Quiet for a while she spoke again,"How should I go to the Yamuna. Unabashedly, he brings his face close to mine beneath my drawn veil. Sakhis, how should I save myself in such a predicament?"

Someone whined,"Naval Sundar is truly a magician! I wonder what enchanting mantra he knows that casting a spell he lures us with his charm. Abandoning social conventions and family honour, we rush in a delicious anguish to his side. All of you are making up tales but on sighting him you cast off highly restrictive social norms, knowing no other duty,no other loyalty, no other action but to be with him."

"Sakhi I speak the truth. The more I see him the more it makes me exquisitely desirous to be close to him.His winsome manners get rid of any vexation caused by his spirited antics. Once he was passing this way when all of a sudden my eyes fell on him and he saw me; it was sheer ecstasy. The pathos of longing makes me yearn to roam with him forever but social constraints restrains me," taking a deep breath she was quiet.

Another intervened, " All our actions are focused on the charming endeavours of the handsome god. Berated by elders in the family on one hand our helpless state hounds us on the other. We are scared by the very mention of wells. There is no stopping his rowdiness during the lively frolicking of Holi. The instant you step out, the prankster spots you and barges in. He blocks the path so why should I go to fetch water."

One sakhi listening quietly intervened," Inform me of a site where Krishna does not reach out. He is not merely present at the Yamuna banks or wells. Yesterday the youth who abused in our courtyard was none other than him. Now how can we possibly go about deserting our house and stop venturing out!"

The earlier sakhi agreed, "You are absolutely correct. Wherever we look we sight Nandkumar, the supreme lover. I wonder how he knows the situation beforehand."

All of a sudden the sensuous Rasiya sprang up in their midst, enthralling the young beauties engrossed in love-talk with his winsome manners; by giving in to freedom,spontaneity and intense passion. Frolicking with one, plucking a flower from another's tresses,opening the topknot and tugging at the veil of another.

The supreme lover spoke, "Scared of me at the well, banks of the Yamuna, market-places, caves of Giriraj, Daan Ghaati, Sankari Khor and now here. Everywhere you are terrified of me. What about this place...?"

And soon enough the heights of elation and ecstasy were reached. With ardent merriment; a brightly coloured heady mix of gulal (powder) and abeer of Basant rushed forth, delightfully astonishing all. Ah! The enraptured, spirited group of gopis encircling the supreme lover, Krishna. We never know whether they were scared in which fashion and to what extent; the shrewdly clever Kishore frightened them further or got rid of their fear. They alone are aware of the truth.

To sum up, I affirm that one must be on guard of river banks and mountain passes in earthly Vrindavana where the dark-hued god can confront you any second.

Okay then, Jai Sri Hari.

With love,

Yours Bobo.

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