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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Sixteenth Shloka

mani-nupura-vacalam vande ,
tac caranam vibhoh  |
lalitani yadiyani ,
lakshmani vraja-vithishu  ||16||
Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna's Footprints Mark the Nikunjas of Vraja

I pray to those lotus feet of the Lord which tinkle with jewelled anklets and whose beautiful footprints are stamped in the nikunjas and lanes of Vraja even today.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Tinkling Anklets of Krishna Resound in the Forest of Vrindavan

Shri Lilashuk has a flash of thought that while Lord Krishna roams in the paths of Vraja for the sake of meeting His beloved, His bejeweled anklets are ringing the forest region with their tinkling sound. Marked by these footprints, the land of Vraja is ecstatic. Shri Lilashuk respectfully bows before those holy feet which are making these marks. Those feet are talking via the jewelled anklets and they seem to be giving a message. Becoming playfully naughty the supreme lover's pair of lotus feet are saying so much and these anklets are ringing and disclosing those secrets.

chhamchhamaat brajbithi paga, chhaap amar dai jaat |
amaragann lalchaat nit, vandaun pada jaljaat ||

Saffron-Coloured Footprints of Lord Krishna

Ah! Praying to these lotus feet is natural but look at the unusual trait of these pair of feet they are  delighted by that prayer. The collected materials of worship have been put to full use. The holy feet have been adorned with saffron. Worship, prayer, devotion, the food offered as bhoga  and navaidyam all come later. First of all let us worship these feet and pray to them.

Bhagwan Shri Nimbarkacharya 

Bhagwan Shri Shri Nimbarkacharya is respectfully saluting them in the 'Pratah Stava:'
pratarnmami yugalanghri saroj kosh ,
mashtang yukt vapusha bhavduhkhdaram  |
vrindavane suvicharantmudar chihnan '
lakhamya urojdhritkunkumragpushtam  ||

Smarana of Lord Krishna's Lotus Feet

Where on one hand is the tenderness, softness and freshness of these lotus feet and where on the other hand is the heavy burden of destroying wordly grief. But there is no burden on these holy feet. Their magic is such that without any efffort, without deliberating, without thinking of any recourse these holy feet instinctively relieve worldly pain. Just by smarana or meditating upon them, we can placate searing earthly pain.

Therefore those feet lotus feet which trample mundane suffering and adorn the sacred land of Shri Van with their noble footprints are noursihed by the saffron colour of Shri Lakshmi's bosom. Nurtured, contented and nourished from there, they walk affectedly in youth's bloom. Unknowingly these prints of intoxication, sweetness and rasa get stamped on the land of Vrinda.

Dark-hued Krishna's Dallies with Shri Radha & the Gopis

In joyous abandon when the supreme lover fond of new spirited antics wanders as He goes to meet Shri Radha and His beloveds, He makes the setting for a new romantic dalliance. His lotus feet imprint the marks of His passionate love and introduce us to their generosity.
The Braj gopis are the svarupas of Laksmi and are construed as Her expansions. Delighted by the colour of saffron applied on their bosoms, these pair of feet are marking holy Vrindavan with their footprints.

Shri Vrindavan is Glorious Because of Krishna's Footprints

vrindavan sakhi ! bhuvo vitanoti kirtim  |
yad devaki-suta-padambuja-labdha-laksim  ||
(Srimad Bhagavatam:Venu Geet 10.21.10)

Meaning: This same Vrindavan is spreading its glory in the entire world because of the radiantly beautiful  lotus feet of Brajraj Kishore- by their Lakshmi-by being marked by their footprints.

Saffron Musky Spots Adorn the Bosoms of Vraja Bhilnis 

purnah pulindya urugaya-padabja-raga-
sri-kunkumena dayita-stana-manditena |
tad-darsana-smara-rujas trna-rusitena ,
limpantya anana-kucesu jahus tad-adhim  ||
(Shrimad Bhagavatam: Venu Geet, 10.21.17)

The saffron-musky spots which the Bhilnis of Vraja, beloveds of the supreme lover, apply on their breasts, is affixed to the lotus feet of Krishna. And when He walks on the grass and leaves of Vrindavan, it rubs off on them, as well. These fortunate Bhil women scrape the paste from the blades of grass and smear it on their breasts and faces. And pacify their lovelorn hearts, with this act.

Tinkling Anklets of Krishna's Bejewelled Feet

Therefore let us sing in unison with Shri Lilashuk Maharaj, pray and respectfully salute the holy feet of Krishna adorned with bejeweled tinkling anklets by bowing our heads before them.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

It is true that the glory of Sh vrindavan is only because of the fact given in this shloka.We feel proud because we are able to go there & feel.These shlokas are really very precious for us.Thank u very much.