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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita': Third Shloka

lavanyamrita-vici-lolita-drisham lakshmi-katakshadritam  | 
kalindi-pulinangana-pranayinam kamavatarankuram
balamnilam amivayam mahurima-svarajyam aradhnumah  ||3||
Simple Meaning:

The Sidelong Glances of Shri Radha & Krishna

 Dark-hued Krishna's flirtatious glance, the peak of His spirited antics, makes the gait of *Braj beauties languid with love. The One whose sidelong glance is playfully naughty, the one who in turn becomes languid by the sidelong glance of *Shri Radha, an incarnation of goddess Lakshmi. To whom the vast sandy banks of the Yamuna are very dear for  romantic dalliances and who rules the domain of sweet love, we propitiate the same blue-hued youthful Krishna.

The Rasa-Laden Commentary

Krishna, the Darling Son of Nanda, Ardently Looks at His Beloved Radha 

The darling son of Nanda, the sole peak of spirited antics, is looking at His beloveds with a flirtatious glance. Possibly, Sri Radha standing in the centre of sakhis, is right in front. Becoming languid by Shri Radhika's(Lakshmi incarnate) lovely sidelong glance, rippling waves of fickleness arise in the ocean of His ardent love. Strangely His eyes turn red but the mischievous One is languid with the onslaught of love today. 

 Shri Radha's Flirtatious Glance

The passionate eyes of Shri Radha and the Braj beauties pour so much of rasa (juice or essence of love) that Rasraj (a title of Krishna) is dumb struck.

Amazingly,the love-struck condition is the same on both sides. At one end, His beloveds stupify Him with their passionate glance and at the other, Krishna-the Rasika Shiromani, by the wistful glance of His tremulous eyes soaks the beauties, His heart's beloveds and Shri Radha their svamini  who is the supreme object of Krishna's passionate love, and makes them languid with the gush of love. They stand astounded.

An Interpersonal Romantic Exchange Between Krishna & the Gopis

Lavanyamrita-vici-lolita-drisham: What a picturesque description.The terrifying rush of ardent love and the supreme lover's flitting eyes turn fickle and delight the heart. Capriciousness loads His gaze as He looks with sidelong glances. The supreme lover stupefies His heart's beloveds and they in turn astound the supreme lover with their charming mannerisms and intoxicating gaze.It is a case of interpersonal romantic exchange.

A Romantic Dalliance on the Banks of the Yamuna

In the sprawling courtyard of Sri Kalind Nandini (Yamuna said to rise on a mountain called Kalinda)  Krishna, the passionate supreme lover, was immersed in a romantic dalliance.This languid state did not create any impediment but rather added such a unique touch of madhuri or sweetness to the incident, that it gave rise to another fickleness; and great rejoicings of amorous play instinctively pranced on the vast sandy river banks. The combination of fickleness and a languid state made Shri Radha-Krishna long to relish the rasa (essence) of the playful dalliance.

Shri Radha Amorously Frolicking with Krishna

At times Priyatam was dumbstruck by the passionate glance of Shri Radha and at times Priyatama (Radha, the supreme object of Krishna's passionate love) was stupefied as she became languid with His ardent gaze. The trees of Kama (god of love) waved joyously as so many new shoots burst forth. Today Priya (Radha) frolicked with Krishna but a strange thing happened. Though the shoots of passion sprouted in that beautiful blue Tamal (Krishna likened to an evergreeen tree) they made these enraptured beloveds reach the heights of elation and ecstasy.

The Love Struck State of Krishna & the Gopis

Which gave such a sweet indication to this ardent  blue-hued Priyatam that stupefied for a moment, he became capricious again. When it drenched these beautiful maidens, the same love-struck state was theirs. Initially they were dumb-founded and then some new fickleness penetrated them and guess what...on the lovely banks of the flowing river, a festival of romantic dalliances began. Everything is emotionally evocative and serenely spiritual in this domain of sweetness.

Later on in one of the shlokas Bilavamangalji has said

madhuryena dviguna-shishiram vaktra-candram

Krishna's Moonlike Face

The moon of Krishna's face becomes doubly refreshing by its sweet tenderness. What to talk of just the moonlike face when His entire body is madhur...sweetness cascades from every pore of His being...Krishna, the cool youthful supreme lover, is the paragon of sweetness...

 Blue-hued Krishna Rules the Domain of Love

 While presenting his loving salutation to such a Krishna who is the colour of blue sapphires, who is passionately dallying with His beloveds, who is the paragon of cleverness and the zenith of cleverness,- whose slow effulgence gives rise to  some new languid state and capriciousness- whose 'lolita-drisham vichiyan' or frivolous capricious eyes are flitting in the charming nectarous ocean... who is immersed in  passionate romantic dalliances on the sprawling sandy banks of the Kalindi...who impassions (gopis representing His hungering devotees), Shri Bilavmangalji propitiates such a Krishna, who is a ruler of the sweet domain of of love.

Braj beauties: His hungering devotees represented by the enraptured village girls with whom Krishna sported in his youth.

Shri Radha: the Godhead in female form or the divine feminine energy; She above all the other cowherdesses of Vrindavan and all the other souls of the world ultimately emerges as the supreme object of Krishna's passionate love.

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