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Shri Venu Geet: Second Shloka

Lord Krishna Breathes Music Into His Flute

kusumit vanaraaji susmi bhrnga dvijakulaghusta sarah sarinmahidhram |
madhupati ravagahyachaarayan gah saha pashupalabalaschukuja venum ||2||
(Srimad-Bhagavatam 10.21.2)

Madhupati Krishna Enters Vrindavan Alongwith Balarama & the Gopas

Meaning: The intoxicated black bees were buzzing all over the rows of green trees blooming with beautiful flowers; various species of birds, flocks of them were resounding the lakes, rivers, Mount Giriraj, Gahar Van as well as other forests with their melodious voice as they sang passionately. Gaining entry into that forest region along with brother Baldau and the cowherd boys, Madhupati Shri Krishna breathed music into His flute as He grazed the cows.

Lord Krishna in the Idyllic Forest of Vrindavan

Commentary by Shri Manohar Baba: Shri Sanatan ji Maharaj says that the underlying meaning of describing kusumit or flowering is that this creation of the beautiful forest scene, stirs up passion. Shri Krishna entered such an idyllic and sensuous forest which provides the perfect setting for the sweet love of Krishna.There is a clear indication that He did not enter into some forest overpowered by the gods or demons-like Tal Van and other forests. Nyavisad means He entered naturally like any other day. Here the commentator clarifies that the daily routine of Krishna's grazing cows is not just for delighting the sakhas.

Dark God Krishna & The Gopas Enjoy Spirited Antics

But rather dark god Krishna sets out towards the forest for the sake of bringing joy to his hungering devotees represented by the enraptured village girls of Braj, with whom He sported in His youth.The purpose of grazing the soft-eyed cows and going off with the other gopas is secondary and is just for playing spirited antics with them.

 Gopis Represent Krishna's Hungering Devotees

Shri Jeev Goswami Paad ji says nyavisad madhupati. Who entered the forest? Not Devaadhipati Shri Krishna, the Lord of the gods but rather madhu rituraajasya pati or Krishna the Wupreme lover who rules over the autumnal season. The glorious beauty of the forest of Vrindavan and Madhupati Shr Krishna gaining entry in it- means that the forest of Vrindavan is the perfect landscape in which the enraptured cowherdesses romantically dally with their elusive paramour Krishna (gopis longing for Krishna express the cry of the love-struck soul for god).

Lord Krishna's Madhurya or Sweet Love Unfolds in Vrindavan

The bhava of making the cows and gopas accompany Krishna is merely to keep the rapture of romantic dallying secretive. Keeping these fusions of delight and desire hidden, is the beauty of Krishna's madhurya which unfolds in a land of highly restrictive social conventions. Thus He gained entry into the forest along with cows and cowherds to disguise the truth of His intentions.

Gopis Abandon Earthly Chores & Rush to Krishna, the Supreme Lover

The Supreme Lover entered with an indication of romantically dallying with the Braj bhaktijan, (the hungering devotees of Krishna represented by the gopis), then how did the cowherdesses who were busy in their earthly chores, their families, their duties come to know of His entry? The answer is that Krishna did not enter the forest silently but with venum chukuja or by breathing music into the flute.

Dark-Hued Krishna's Flute-Play Passionately Draws the Gopis
The commentator says that the word nyavisad would be sufficient if the sole purpose to enter with the cowherd boys  was for grazing cows-what was the need of saying chukuja venum ? Therefore it is crystal clear that the melodious song of the flute-play was for the sake of passionately drawing the gopis. Shri Shukdev ji Maharaj has used the world chukuja after great consideration.

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