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'Shri Krishnakarnamrita:' Fifty-seventh Shloka

maulish candraka-bhushano marakata-stambhabhiramam
vaktram citra-vimugdha-hasa-mudhuram bale vilole drishau
vacah shaishava-shitala mada-gaja-shlaghya vilasa-sthitir-
mandam mandam aye ka esha mathura-vithim ito gahate

Simple Meaning:

Blue-hued Krishna Walks Towards Billavmangalji

O Sakhi! Who is this slowly walking by himself, along the path to Mathura, whose head is adorned with a peacock feather and whose blue-hued body is more captivating than an emerald column. His eyes are rolling due to the sweetness of some emotional romantic dalliance, and His face is loaded with the sweetness of wonderfully charming smiles. His voice laden with natural boyishness is very heart-stealing, His graceful gait similar to an intoxicated elephant is praiseworthy, is revealing the languor of some romantic dalliance.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

 The Peacock is Very Dear to Shri Radha-Krishna

O Sakhi! Look there! Who is that walking alone with a captivating pace on the kunj path, on whose head the peacock feather is adorned, to whom the peacock is extremely dear. It is not just because the peacock is not lustful. The peacock is very dear to beloved Shri Radha as well that is why the Supreme Lover becomes a peacock and dances in rasa and charms Priyaji. Lord Krishna's body is even more beautiful than an emerald column. An emerald is also called a green gemstone. Why did Shri Billavmangalji make this comparison.

Blue-hued Krishna & Golden-hued Radha

One reason could be that Lord Krishna's own limbs are dark-hued and golden ornaments are used for His adornment. The blue lustre of Krishna and yellow gleam of golden ornaments have mingled and become radiantly green. Moreover, the bodily radiance of Shri Radha is spreading a yellow hue which when it mingles with the blue colour of Krishna, it diffuses a green light.

The Rasa Lila

The exquisite dance in the concluding section (190)of the Bhagavata is described as follows:'On Krishna's suggestion, in the light of the full moon they commenced the rapturous dance of the maharasa, holding hands to complete a circle-- so that Krishna looked like an immense sapphire set in a circlet of gold.'

Lord Krishna Dallies with Shri Radha

bale vilole drishau: Childlike flirtatiousness is apparent in Krishna's eyes. He is busy dallying with Priyaji and teasing her, playfully. In answer to His playful teasing Priyaji also responds 'radha gudh parihas praudhi nirvachnikritam ' which leaves the Supreme Lover nonplussed, but even then He is not vanquished.

Supreme Lover Krishna Delights the Sakhis with His Sweet Talk

vacah is His voice, it is laden with rasa. His sweet talk bestows coolness.
What can one say of the tete e tete he has with the sakhis. It kind of stirs nectar in their bodies and souls. His frivolous talk loaded with amorous love, the gush of His voice which makes them wallow in delicious anguish, is only known to the gopis of Braj. With various kinds of rasa laden talks the Supreme Lover delights the community of sakhis.

An Intoxicated Elephant

Shri Billavmangalji is seeing and exulting, “Look who is coming towards me with the pace of an intoxicated elephant, It is certainly Lord Krishna who stepping out of the lanes of Shri Vrindavan is coming towards me (from the direction of Mathura)

mat gajraj ki si chal |
var bhujdand shund ki shobha har lini nandlal
ghanan ghanan ghantika rannit kati sunder sukhad sutal
khanan khanan noopu shrinkhal se bajat lajat maral |

(Gadadhar Bhatt)

The captivating Supreme Lover's gait is such that it puts the pace of a carefree elephant to shame.

Adolescent intoxication spills over from his gait. This intoxicating gait reflects several emotional expressions. After all, why is the languor so apparent and why does it overwhelm His heart and soul. The pangs of love are evident in the sequence of His steps. When Krishna walks the earth also becomes red, the redness of His soles is being reflected.

The Lasya Dance Illustrates Emotions of Love

Lord Krishna stops at times while walking and at times the pace of His steps speeds up. One does not know what signal He remembers. His heart and soul are engrossed in some charming romantic dalliance. That is why a special lasya (a dance illustrating the emotions of love)is delicately frolicking in His steps. Krishna's moonlike face becomes infatuated when He remembers His beloveds.

Lord Krishna Walks Towards Billavmangalji

Steeped in the sakhi bhava Shri Billavmangalji asks,”O Sakhi! Who is roaming in the lanes of Mathura and coming towards me with a carefree gait? Who is He on whose head the peacock tail feather is adorned, whose body is shining radiantly like an emerald gemstone, whose face is spreading a unique beauty through various swelling emotions? My heart is getting steeped in His sweetness.

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