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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XIX

The Swaminarayan Temple, Rajkot
Once when highly revered Shri Maharaj ji had gone to Rajkot, the condition of Manohar Baba deteriorated considerably on being separated from him. It seemed as if he would not live, as of now. However he completely recovered, most unexpectedly.

Balkrishan Das ji Maharaj Blessing Manohar Baba

On coming back, revered Thakurj ji who had accompanied Shri Maharaj ji to Rajkot secretly revealed to Baba, “One fine night, Shri Maharaj ji woke up drowsily, all of a sudden and sat down in Rajkot. Tears were streaming down from his eyes, constantly. He explained that Manohar ji is very distressed and longing for him Therefore I hugged him to my heart and bathed him with my flowing tears. But you must certainly not tell him this matter.” Hearing this exposition Baba was speechless. And he just could not figure out whether he should call this incident an expression of Maharaj ji's blessing or curse.

Yagna Patni of the Dwapara Era

During those days Bhaktimati Shri Girija, an accomplished saint of the royal family of Jamira, used to live in Vrindavan. She used to claim that she was a yagna patni of the dwapara era and Thakur ji used to playfully dally with her. She had immense respect for highly revered Shri Maharaj ji.Off and on, Manohar Baba would go to meet her and when he asked the specific reason for Maharaj ji's separation from him, she replied, “This great man is playing a game to wash out the harsh deeds performed in your earlier birth and this birth. Otherwise, his heart is brimming with affection for you.”

Shri Radha Baba, Gorakhpur

When Shri Thakur ji, a great well-wisher of Manohar Baba, revealed the plight of Manohar ji to Shri Radha Baba, the renowned divine saint of Gorakhpur, who was not evidently known to highly revered Shri Maharaj ji in any way whatsoever, Radha Baba replied, “Bhaiya! It is only a siddh or accomplished saint who can play such a game with his own servitor.

Krishna, the Supreme Lover

He wants to heat him in the furnace of separation and offer his own attendant in the form of pure gold to Krishna, the supreme lover,.”

Bhaktimati Usha Bahenji,Vrindavan

In the year 1959, Bhaktimati Usha Bahenji, a pious saint, had renounced everything and come to Vrindavan for the sake of long standing devotion to the Divine. She had immense regard for Manohar Baba in her heart. Holding him in high esteem, she would always pay her respects to him. She would address Baba as Bhaiya and that is the reason why her entire parikar (inner circle of devotees ) called him 'Bhaiya ji'. She too was extremely distressed to see Baba's miserable condition. In those days she had written to one of her very close friends, “I have been introduced to such a saintly and eminent person in whose laughter also weeping is apparent, every moment.”


Revered Manohar Baba was very miserable for all these reasons and left for Rishikesh, soon after. But the shelter of Shri Maharaj ji's grace protected him even there.

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