Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pearl 23

Balramji and Krishnaji venture to Pataal where their devotee King Bali rules and get all six of their brothers back to Devkiji and Vasudevji

Accentuating the divinity of milk, the segment beautifully traces the realisation of Vasudevji and Devkiji that their son Krishna is the Supreme Lord Himself. Sootji, the narrator, confirms that anyone who hears or relates Lord Krishna’s miraculous deeds enshrined in the ‘Shrimad Bhagavatam’ attains eternal bliss.

Chapterr 85, verse55: The divinity of milk has been harped upon in various Srimad Bhagavatam links. But while going through this chapter we find Mahatma Shukdevji endorsing that Devkiji’s milk is most divine because the Lord Himself has savoured it! Consequently the rest of His six brothers, Smar, Udgeeth, Parishang, Patang, Shudrabhrit and Ghrini also suckle at it and attain final salvation, soon after Balramji and Krishnaji trace them down to Pataal!

Other notable verses of chapter 85 are:--

Verses 21 to 28: Lord Sri Hari declares that He is Eternal at the time of incarnation itself. However the reality of this truth dawns upon His father Vasudevji only in old age which is when He starts worshipping His son Krishna .

Mother Devkiji also accepts His Divinity but in a different manner. Father Vasudevji turns silent after realising He is the Lord Krishna. On the other hand His mother ascertains that since He is God, Lord Krishna can easily bring back His six brothers, Smar , Udgeeth , Parishang , Patang , Shudrabhrit and Ghrini who had been killed by demon Kamsa ! To honour their mother's wishes both the brothers Balramji and Krishnaji venture to Pataal where their devotee King Bali rules and get all six of them back! During the course of the Vaman incarnation, Bali's washing of the Lord’s Holy Feet resulted in springing up of the pious Ganges. This time round this act sends Mahatma Shukdevji into ecstasy as it eternally purifies the world.

Thie incident reminds me of Vrindavan. Whenever Baba Manoharji comes for Darshan of Boboji's Thakurji, He calls out for charnamrit. Thakurji means Lord Krishna –Radhaji hence the charnamrit is divine. So next time round when we visit Vrindavan, let us not miss it under any circumstances please!

Chapter 85, verse59:
No wonder at the end of this chapter, Sootji the kathakar or story teller of the ‘Srimad Bhagavatam’ ascertains, “O sages, the fame and glory of Lord Sri Krishna are immortal. The stories of his sports rid the world of all sins and bring delight to the ears of Devotees and Saints. They have been narrated by the revered Sri Shukdevji, son of Bhagwan Vedvyasa Himself. A person who constantly hears them or repeats them to others has his mind focussed on the (Almighty) Lord, and attains the abode of eternal Bliss ".

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