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Prem Sudha Dhara: Santosh Bahenji

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The Supreme Lover, Krishna, Takes Out a Thorn from Radha's feet

Sri Hari

Sri Barsana Dhaam

14th February, 1968

Higly respected dear Santosh Bahenji,

With love Jai Sri Hari.

The weather has again become pleasant since yesterday. A cold blast blew crazily for the past four to five days. Truly speaking, enchanted by celestial Braj Bhoomi the wind seemed eagerly desirous to stay on. Resting for a while it darted back with frenzied passion; peeping into every nikunja to glimpse a fresh playful dalliance of Lord Krishna, the paragon of sweetness.

Helpless in harnessing its fervent infatuation expressed in speedy gusts. Taking rest at the moment the breeze is dormant. Some clouds have gathered since yesterday…as if giving chance for a new romantic frolic to their adorable Priya-Priyatam…in the slight shade of their blackish dark canopy. Sunshine-shade…the play of clouds overcasting the sky and the suns’ rays; their hide and seek adds a novel freshness to the environs.

Highly revered Sri Sakhaji came by yesterday to Gahar Van. He narrated a delightful lila or divine play of the Lord’s amorous escapade. You can hear it there after a few days or if you come over to Barsana. Priyaji laughed with joyous abandon and to top it was Priyatam’s clueless amazement. Soon after, you have an enthused exultation of this spirited antic.

Right in the beginning there is a doha or rhyming couplet.

Giri Gahvar Vanbhoomi Sukhad, Sukhad Lata Tarupanti

Gaur Shyam Vilsat Rahat, Vividh Roop Bahubhanti.

A thorn which had pricked Priyaji’s holy feet delightfully amused Priyatam. And just listen to the various ways in which the privileged thorn became an object of the supreme lover’s, ardent passion.

A white curtain has been laid out today. On the pedestal is draped a flashy green cloth. Thakurji looks ethereal in a white woolen dress. The dhoti (piece of cloth worn around the lower body, one end of which passes between the legs and is tucked in behind) patuka (scarf) and Sri Sri Radha’s dupatta (wrap around) have golden zardosi work. The necklace and diadem are golden-hued. Our ardentYugal’s (Lord Krishna) radiant brilliance spilling forth as this golden lustre.

Yesterday we had pinkish-hued (like a water-melon) shangar (adornments of Thakurji with textile, flowers and jewellery). The necklace and diadem were in whitish gold. In my last letter I had described another day’s shangar. Some time back the sun shone on Thakurji and rejoiced in its good fortune. Today our Yugalsarkar was pleasingly amused by the playful dalliance of sunshine and shade.

With regards and love,


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