Thursday, February 7, 2013

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Thirty-fourth Shloka

punah prasannendu-mukhena tejasa ,
puro 'vatirnasya kripa-mahambudheh:
tad eva lila-murali-ravamritam
samadhi-vighnaya kada nu me bhavet 

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna's Moon-like Face & Nectarous Flute-Play
When will Lord Krishna, the great ocean of mercy, incarnate before me again with His pure effulgent moon-like face; And when will the supremely nectarous sound of His flute which expresses Krishna's playful dalliance, create an impediment in my samadhi or profound meditation.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

 Lord Krishna Playfully Teases the Braj Beauties

In the previous shloka Shri Bilavmangal ji felt that he did not have the great good fortune of listening to the sweet conversation which Lord Krishna has with the beauties of Braj?That is only possible in the fate of some virtuous beings. He merely longs for His flute-play, loaded with meaningful signs and messages, during that time of playful teasing, that nectarous sound of Krishna's flute will prove to be extremely joyful to his ears-that sound of the flute will make him rapturous.

Lord Krishna, the Ocean of Mercy

Although he does not have the right to get the divine nectar of the sound of Krishna's flute but the Lord is a great ocean of mercy and one can attain Him only by His grace. Thus he is hopeful that He will surely shower His grace on him.

The Delightful, Lotus-eyed Flute-Player

If the sadhana or spiritual practice and the *samadhi or intense meditation, which has been going on since long, does not break with the nectarous sound of Mohan's flute and if one does not have darshan of that delightful lotus- eyed Flute-player then what is the use of that samadhi?

Lord Krishna Manifests to Shower His Grace

 Bpuro 'vatirnasya kripa-mahambudheh:The One who is the great ocean of mercy has manifested before Bilavmangal ji for the sake of showering His grace. May He break his samadhi with the magical mantra of His constant flute-play flowing from His delightful moonlike face. And cool the heat of his mental anguish.

Lord Krishna Pacifies Bilavmangal ji With His Flute-play

Steeped in the sakhi bhava, Shri Lilashuk prays that when will  Lord Krishna relieve his ardent longing, arising due to the anguish of separation, by the nectarous sound of His flute play.

*samadhi: the word samadhi has two meanings:
(1)the melodious sweetness of a mind wholely absorbed in Lord Krishna's madhuri or sweetness.
(2)That samadhi (deep meditation) in which the mind's anguish on being separated from Lord Krishna and not being able to attain Him, in front of which even the burning flames of halahal poison appear trivial. Commentary on 'Dhrashtavya Rasika' page 225

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

Bahut sunder bhav hai iss shloka mein
unki kripa hum per bhi kannmatra ho jaye yahi yachana karte hain.Apne hoobhoo utara hain Sh.Bilvamangalji ki feelings ko.
Thank you!!