Saturday, February 22, 2014

'Shri Krishnakarnamrita: Sixtieth Shloka

agre samagrayati kam api keli-lakshmim-
dikshv api vilocanam eva sakshi |
hanta hasta-patha-duram aho kim etad-
amba jagat-trayam me ||60||

Simple Meaning:

Lord Krishna Pervades the Universe

Oh Mother Goddess! What an ineffable sweet beauty has my promising Supreme Lover revealed before me! That radiant beauty is being seen by me in all directions, my eyes are a witness to it. But alas! As soon as I extend my hand to hold Him, dark-hued Krishna remains beyond my grasp. I can just see Lord Krishna everywhere, in all the three lokas but I can not catch hold of Him. Alas! I am so helpless!

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Romantic Dalliance of Shri Radha-Krishna
 Steeped in the sakhi bhava Shri Billavmangalji pines for Krishna with an ardent longing, “ Ah! What is this that I am seeing? My eyes are thrilled to behold this delightful art of Krishna's romantic dalliance; which amorous frolic, which incomparable sweet dalliance is being shown by my promising Supreme Lover. Ah! What is all this! Have I become insane or is it true that Priya-Priyatam or Supreme Lover Krishna and His beloved Shri Radha, who reside in my heart, are exhibiting their sweet dalliance before me. No! There is absolutely no place for any doubt, wherever I look the stealer of my heart is perceptible.  

Dark-hued Krishna Remains Out of Reach

 My eyes are a witness to this fact that Krishna the King of Rasa or divine love, The Supreme Lover of my heart is revealing His sweet dalliance wherever I cast a glance. I am kind of taken aback. What should I do? What is this happening to me?When I extend my hand to catch this eternal adept player He does not come into my grasp, and remains out of my reach by an arm's length. The distance of an arm's length is not actually much. Alas! What should I do? Whom should I ask?

Mother Goddess Ambe

 Oh Ambe! Oh Mother Goddess! My adolescent Supreme Lover, an icon of my hope and desire, the manifest form of my ardent longing! Alas! Why does He stay away from me. At least, let Him take a look at my plight! What has come over me! This entire universe, these three lokas, the Chaturdash Bhavan have become perceptible by just gazing at this adolescent Lover, the support of my hope. He is pervading all the ten directions. Krishna's charming form is resplendently visible all around. My eyes are forever gazing at Him.  

Lord Krishna, the Wealth of my Heart

 But alas! What should I do? Where should I go? In fact, I can see Him but can not catch hold of Him. How should I be composed and patient ? Yes, of course! All directions and the entire universe is being encompassed by dark-hued Krishna, the wealth of my heart.

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