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'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Fifty-second Shloka

kala-ninada-galad-amrita-ghana-sarasideve  | 
satata-vahad-adhara-mani-madhurimani liye  ||52||

Simple Meaning:

The Flute Held in the Petallike Fingers of Krishna's Lotus Hands

The melodious lovely flute is held in His lotus petallike fingers. The nectar oozing from its enchanting warbling flute play seems to have formed a deep lake which means that the nectarous lake of Lord Krishna is full of the cascading nectarine rasa of this flute sound.I am lost in thoughts of that very Lord whose lips are getting stained and becoming sweet, filled with an abundance of His innate loving mellows.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

The Flute is Krishna's Breath of Love

Steeped in the sakhi bhava, Bilavmangal ji says that the eternally lovely flute is resplendent in Lord Krishna's beautiful lotus hands. Ah! Just listen to the rasa which is lilting forth from this flute made of bamboo joints. It seems as if some charming cloud of nectar is raining. No-no sakhi! It is not merely a musical instrument, or a melodious sound it is indeed the breath of love. This great good fortune has this flute that firstly it dallies in Krishna's lotus hands and secondly it relishes the nectarous rasa of Krishna who has red gourd like lips. Lips of the Supreme Lover are the source of nectar and the gush of nectar naturally trickles from them, filling itself with that gush of rasa this flute held in Krishna's hands warbles merrily.

Firewood Turns Moist with Krishna's Flute Play

'murhar! randhan samye ma karu murliravan madhuram  |' ( ShrimadBhagwat) Even our dry firewood becomes moist with the melodious sound of your flute and it becomes difficult for us to cook food, say the gopis.

 The Bamboo Flute of Lord Krishna

Some gopi lost in that flute play exclaims, 'kou na kanhar ke karte yeh bairini basuriay gahi jarai |'

Which means that if they finish the problem from its roots they would not be drawn in delicious anguish to Krishna's flute play as no flute can be played without the bamboo.

The gopis say in the Venu Geet that even on belonging to the male standing devotion the flute  has done in its previous life that it brazenly relishes the nectarous rasa of Damodara:

The Flute Drinks the Nectar of Krishna's Lips

"O dear gopis! What act of great merit hath this flute, performed in his previous birth in consequence of which it is drinking the nectar from the lips of Krishna without leaving the smallest particle for the gopis, the rightful enjoyers of it? Seeing its prosperity, the rivers from which the bamboo of the flute had drawn its sap are displaying delight by the blossoming of lotuses in them. And the bamboo trees out of which the flute is made are shedding tears of joy in the form of juice and consider themselves to be very fortunate.'

The Flute is Krishna's Sanjivani

This flute loves Lord Krishna passionately and He too is so fond of it that he becomes moist with emotion Himself, caresses it with His fingertips and resplendently places it on His lips. The nectar of His lips is its sanjivani or life giving herb

Gopis Drawn by Krishna's Flute Play

And just look dear ! At the laughter prancing on His lips on which waves of ecstacy are frolicking, and they contain nectarous music, some unique secret of love play, a secretive message, a colourful message and what not? Ah! My mind is getting steeped in the breath of love that is the sweet sound of that flute play which emanates from His sweet lips . Ah! What should I do? I am not in my senses.

Nectar Cascades from Krishna's Flute Play

kara-kamala-dala-kalita-lalitatara-vamshi-, ghana-sarasi deve  : Lord Krishna sweet limbs and the sweetness of his flute play have been so beautifully showcased in these two lines, it seems as if they are two lakes of sweet nectar. Lord Krishna's hands seem to be lotuses and His fingers are the clusters of lotuses. With the melodious sound of His flute play, nectar has trickled and become a deep lake. The cloud of nectar who steeps us in the nectarous rasa of His divine love is Lord Krishna himself. The sakhi  like heart of Bilavamangal ji is getting absorbed in this deep lake of nectar.

A Gopi Steeped in the Rasa of Krishna's Gentle Laughter

satata-vahad-adhara-mani-madhurimani liye  |

The bhava of the last two lines says that the flow of Lord Krishna's laughter is  constantly and naturally full of the rasa of divine love. That gentle laughter is forever spreading the sweet nectar of His red gourd like lips.The minds of the hordes of gopis is getting immersed in the sweetness of that naturally sweet laughter and the sweetnes of His lips. 

The Gopi Bhava of Total Commitment & Love for Krishna

Assuming the gopi bhava Bilavmangal ji is getting absorbed in that same rasa. He ardents longs and wishes to drown in Krishna, the ocean of this sweetnes which Shri Nand Das and Shri Chaturbhuj ji express in their own words. It may be momentary but forgetful of our own self, let us delight in the divine rasa or love of that blue-hued youthful Supreme Lover. There are neither words to express that rapturous state nor any other means to project it.  

Let us Merge with Krishna, the Ocean of Nectar

Again and again Bilavmangal wishes that all of us flow with the restlessness of infinite rivers eager to merge with Krishna, the ocean of nectar. And yes, we also take respite along with all our long lasting thirsting desires in the lap of that very nectarine ocean.

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Minakshi Aggarwal said...

This shloka is all about madhur ras generated by vanshidhawani.All brijbalas are cursing this wooden pori which is creating problem for them.Aha!kya baat kahi hai ki "hamari lakri bhi geeli ho jati hai vanshi ka swar sun kar to bhojan kaise bnayen"
kitana sunder bhav hai iss shloka
main.Photographs bhi jaise Sh.thakur
ne hi bheji hon!!
may god bless us wid this rassagar!