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Chapter 35: Extraordinary Character

Despite being four different words God, religious devotion, devotee and guru are serviceable by one body. Attending to God's needs with all our faculties has been termed bhakti and pampering Priya-Priyatam with one's lovable sentiments is the basic nature of a bhakta. God considers bhaktas superior to himself and

Tulsidas has endorsed this adage, “Ram te adhik Ram kar dasa.

The innate nature of devotees is to intuitively pamper Krishna, their supreme lover-and be delighted in his joy. All godly virtues are reflected in them so that their resolves, wishes and perspectives become tangible. God himself becomes dependent on his devotees who can easily change what has been destined by the world's creator.

Saints do not have faith in miracles I distinctly remember Swami Ramakrishna Paramahansa asked Narendra once, “Do you want ashtsiddhis” (eight siddhis or supernatural powers said to be attainable by perfection of techniques of yoga.) Narendra questioned ,“Will I get Ma with them?” Paramahansa replied, “No! She would be distanced further.” Narendra instantly retorted, “I want nothing which is a hindrance to my heading towards Ma.” Paramahansa was delighted.

When Swami Vivekananda, an adherer of the rajyog path (interior yoga or unity of consciousness), did not believe in siddhis and miracles, how could devotees following the path of passionate devotion be drawn towards them?

Revered Bobo had the instinctive insight to look deep into a person. She would often say, “If I a concentrate a bit I can figure out what you are thinking but where do I have the time to shift my mind from Krishna and look at you. Nothing is impossible for such eminent personages whose padukas(wooden slipper) are capable of granting moksha.

The upasna or worship of Vrindavan is impassioned and herein there is absolute entrustment.

Religious devotion bears fruition on seeing Radha-Krishna united and joyous in love. However miracles surface in the lives of saints at times and we are giving a concise version of their status in revered Bobo's life.

The Deliverance of Prostitutes

Bobo's nature abounded with affinity and innocence, being easily moved by mankind's woes. She had to go to Lahore for her graduate examination since it was the hub of education at that point of time. The matter dates to the year 1946 when she was travelling by rail.

Two young women sat in front of her in the compartment. Young in age and heavily decked those girls would look at Bobo off and on.When demeaning themselves they struck up a conversation, the girls spoke in such a manner that Bobo barely understood. Both of them burst out crying and Bobo was touched.

Her sensitive handling of the scene appeased them.The duo revealed that circumstances had compelled them to adopt this profession. It was beyond their imagination she could have such affectionate closeness for women like them who were absolutely scorned by society. Repentant and getting assurance from Bobo, those women were grateful in various ways.

Bobo told Santosh Bahenji and Sarlaji that she had got a letter from both of them after some months. It read, “Seeing your considerate affection it seemed, Khuda had sent his pharista in your form. Now we have abandoned that despicable profession and are spending life joyously.”

Bobo's father was not much of a success in practical life. Once he began a business in partnership with another person.Forging his signature, the partner borrowed money from someone. Obviously that person filed a court case against her father and the summons came Everyone was very worried at home and Bobo came to know of the matter when she returned. At night he narrated the incident to Bobo and appealed, “Munno! Can't you request Thakurji?”

Touched, Bobo looked at Thakurji. Without revealing the assurance she got,Bobo stated that he must go to the court and clarify his condition. Early in the morning she envisioned

Thakurji who affirmed, “Fine, everything will work out perfectly! What I have ordained is supremely auspicious.” Bobo was at peace now.

When her father went he learnt that those papers had been sent to the court of Ambala City, and he should find out there. When he did, surprisingly the papers had not yet reached. Thereafter her father went a couple of times but got a similar answer.

Thakurji took care of his intimate sakhi's adversity in this manner.

Revered Bobo was in Ambala.An acquaintance Prakash Chandra was an advocate who was connected to a Radha Swami family. At the other end Bobo was always moved by Thakurji's seva and religious devotion. Once he told Bobo what was the advantage in doing japa and paath, attending to Thakurji's needs and kirtan. One should do karmas (moral duties and obligations) and think of everyone's well being. Quite young at that point of time,she looked at Thakurji who said, “Tell him you will give an answer in the evening.” Bobo did the needful and was relaxed.

Amazingly when she went to the temple for darshan, Prabhudatt Brahmachari had come to give a sermon. Bobo sat down and the first sentence he spoke was, “ The main difference between the karma and bhakti path is that by doing good deeds we live a grand life; Eat well, live well, dress up well and enjoy luxuries. Ultimately we become the dog of a wealthy lady but do not get the closeness of God.”

When Bobo came and narrated the entire incident to Prakash Chand he was delighted. Getting support of Thakurji's grace and affection, Bobo was also content.

These days Bobo was staying in Barhi Kunj in the doctor saheb's house along with Thakurji.

It was her regime to go into solitude, in the afternoon. The incident dates back to1979 -1980.Two years back Vijay's younger brother had passed unexpectedly. Bobo was alone when she heard, “ Tell Vijay that he should not worry if his other brother dies.”

She overlooked this matter but the same voice was heard again after some time. A 22 year old son had gone and a repetition of the blow would be very painful.Concerned, she appealed to Thakurji,“ What will be the plight of his parents back home?” Three days later Vijay received a letter that Jitendra's scooter met with an accident and he was admitted in hospital. His brother recovered in a few days time.

Bobo narrated this incident to Vijay later.Fated death had been averted just by bearing a few injuries.

Revered Bobo was residing in Banke Bihari Colony these days and her mother Shyamaji and Sushila Bahenji were staying along with her.Apart from dawn and night, the sequence of satsang and paath would continue throughout the day. Shri Vimla Nevile, Puspa Bahenji, Darshan Bahen, Uma Bahen and others would invariably come for satsang. It was Dharam Bahenji's practice to visit Bobo for relishing the legends of Radha-Krishna, on arriving from Delhi.

Her brother-in-law, Shri Ram Murti, was the current Group Captain, incharge of I.A.F. and deputed in Barmer sector of Jodhpur. One fine day Bahenji along with Murtiji holding a chair-like seat dropped in to Bobo's place. Instantly Dharamji exulted, “Bobo have a look Muritji has got you a gift.” Bobo was stunned because she had adopted the practice of sitting and lying down on the floor. When Bobo wanted to know the reason, Muriji narrated the event in front of Dharam Bahenji.

“The matter dates back to 1971 when the independence movement had gathered momentum in East Pakistan around September-October. The freedom fighters had full support of India.Seeing themselves sliding towards defeat, the government of western Pakistan invaded India. Several sites in India were bombed. Ram Murti's wife Janak came to Vrindavan along with Dharam Bahenji and met Bobo.Innocently Dharam Bahenji reminded Bobo what could be more worrying for a wife than this scene? Bobo insisted that Janak dance before Shri Thakurji-which was a conventional norm in those days.

At the other end the war raged in full force.Murti was in control of India's security when he saw a short-statured woman clad in white clothes and curly hair, roaming there along with Dharam Bahenji amidst heavy bombarding. She speedily showed him the path and protected him. Uncertain of what to do, Murti followed the same orders.

A few days later the battle paused. Murti came on leave and got a particular chair fabricated in Jaipur, narrating the entire episode to Dharar Bahenji. She affirmed, “ It would certainly have been our Bobo!” Soon after they took the chair and came to her. Murti was stunned on seeing the confirmation of his conception and prostrated before Bobo in supplication."

The matter dates to October 1971 when brother Basheshur had come to Vrindavan for the Shrimad Bhagwat Saptah. He got a letter and his younger brother arrived saying his father was unwell. At the end of the day, Bobo told Basheshur that it would be better if he went after listening to the entire paath. When he returned home after the saptah his father stayed alive for another twenty-four hours.

In Ambala Pushpa Gupta was bedridden and lay on a cot outside. A enraged bull charged and overturned her cot-the matter got over. A few days later when this incident was narrated to Bobo in Vrindavan she said naturally, “This was your mrityu yog.” Bobo had an inkling of this episode even while sitting here.

Introduction to Shri Laxman Joo Maharaj

Much earlier Bobo had come into contact with a renowned saint of Kashmir, Shri Laxman Joo Maharaj who was a Shiva devotee. His childlike nature and lucidity are praiseworthy.

He had affection for Bobo and would definitely remember her on visiting Vrindavan. An icon of humility, Bobo met him on knowing about his arrival.

Homage to Revered Shri Hari Baba

The year 1970 was about to begin and Hari Baba was ailing. These days he was residing in Varanasi, the town of Lord Shankar and it was bitterly cold. All of a sudden news of his passing away spread like wild fire in Vrindavan.To offer tribute, crowds of devotees thronged to the barrage of Hari Baba.

Deeply grieved,Bobo says while paying homage, “Today morning (3.1.70) I got news of Hari Baba passing away. He was already immersed in the wealth of ethereal rasa and freed of the wilted body as of now.However several followers of the divine path were impoverished by his leaving the material world. With his departure the mundane became desolate and sadhakas were unsheltered.

We pray to him who has relished the highest ideal of religious rapture to grant us a small speck of it. He was the living presence of God's name-and the grandeur of several festivals in Vrindavan.Though in Vrindavan Vishnu becomes a part of the human condition to spread his joy but yet it was a great blow.

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