Friday, September 28, 2012

'Shri Krishna Karnamrita:' Thirteenth Shloka

pranaya-parinatabhyam shri-bharalambanabhyam ,
prati-pada-lalitabhyam pratyaham nutanabhyam  |
prati-muhur adhikabhyam prasphural-locanabhyam ,
pravahatu hridaye nah prana-nathah kishorah  ||13||

Simple Meaning:

May the Youthful Lord Krishna Forever Reside in Our Hearts

May the forever youthful Krishna, the supreme lover of our lives, constantly  shine in our hearts through His sparkling eyes which are laden with love, are the refuge of ineffable beauty, are attractive every moment, are newly fresh every single day and captivating every second.

The Rasa-laden Commentary: 
Shri Lilashuk ji had described the madhurya or sweetness of Krishna's lotus feet in the previous shloka. Here he gives an account of the wide open, fully blooming eyes of Krishna and prays fervently:

Ah! May that youth Krishna, the supreme lover, gush forth in our hearts for all times to come; which means may He always be resplendent in our hearts. May the new  waves of His amorous love forever transmit the terrifying rush of rasa or religious rapture in our hearts.

Lord Krishna's Love-laden Lotus Eyes

His eyes are the further development of love or in other words are certainly the  result of love, in particular. Just as a bracelet and kundals (large earrings) are the svarupas or true forms of gold, in the same way Krishna is the vigraha (individual form) of Sacchidanand (being, thought and bliss, a title of the Ultimate Being.) Therefore Krishna's hands, feet, eyes, face and other limbs are indeed the outcome of ecstasy and the stimuli of radiant beauty.

shri-bharalambanabhyam : Loveliness and newness are bursting forth in His eyes, every single moment. They bud and become wide open with a novel ineffable beauty every day...May such a youthful Chudamani, the supreme lover, forever reside in my heart.

Lord Krishna Eyes are Brimming with the Love of Shri Radha

Because of brimming with the love of Shri Radha these naturally beautiful and blossoming pair of eyes have become even bigger. Turning fresh and lovely every single moment, they churn our hearts. This lovely gaze is not of an ordinary nayaka but the beautiful gaze of Shri Madan Mohan, the icon of shringara rasa(the sentiment of sweet romance). 

 A Black Bee Hovers over Shri Radha's Lotus Face

Relishing the potion of Shri Radha's eyes, Shyam Sunder, the supreme lover, is seen hovering over the lotus face of Shri Radha  like a capricious black bee. He is enraptured by the tips of Shri Radha's eyes, that is why this gaze is flooded with the pollen of Shri Radha's lotus eyes.

Lord Krishna's Eyes Relish the Gopis' Beauty

They are becoming increasingly fragrant with the perfume of gopi's beauteous forms. Again and again the capricious eyes of the gopis are passionately fixed right there. Leaving the lotus where else can the bee go? What is truly amazing is that these lotus eyes are black bees greedy to savour the beauteous forms of Braj beauties as well as the lotus itself. They grant rasa as well as relish the rasa. What a unique juncture of amorous love is this!(The very foundation of a religion of union is that the individual partial and manifest self must ultimately be joined with the universl, whole and unmanifest Self.)

These eyes of Krishna are very generous and forever eager to shower compassion but the worldly lustful person screens himself from that rasa and deprives himself from it's ecstasy.

Rasik Shiromani, the blue-hued Krishna, is the receiver of rasa Himself. The stench of lust which spoils the rasa or sentiment of sweet love is not dear to Him. His pair of lotus eyes are the doors from which the mundane  poisonous lust can not gain entry. And yes! They are the magnificent playground of divine romantic dalliances.

The Lotus Eyes of Krishna Enrapture the Braj Gopis

Overwhelmed by the sakhi bhava, Shri Bilavmangal ji says, “ Truly sakhi! These wide lotus eyes are a tight noose to bind the young maidens of Braja. Will any lovelorn maiden ever want to be released from this bond?”

The love of the Braja beauties which has attained the zenith of spiritual awareness wants to experience the religious rapture of shringara rasa in many new ways.

May such a youthful Lord Krishna, the supreme lover, drenching our minds with His blossoming, wide, fickle, lovely, forever fresh and captivating pair of lotus eyes, swiftly flow in our hearts.

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Anonymous said...

Beautifully defined the beauty of eyes by the writer
& this shloka shows true love even in the eyes of Sh.Thakurji."They are becoming increasingly fragrant with the perfume of gopi's beauteous forms."
These lines shows this feeling.
This is rarely defined anywhere.Thank you so much!!