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Shri Radha Kripakataksha Stora: 4th shloka




kada karishyaseeh maan kripakatshabhajnam.

'The one whose supremely auspicious fair-complexioned individual form is like a flash of lightning's golden lustre and blooming blossoms...her divine face's reddish glow triumphs over hundreds of autumnal full moons. And pointed shapely eyes resemble the young partridge (supposed to live on moonbeams); when will Shri Shri Radhika, the compassionate beloved of Krishna, the supreme lover, cast her graceful sight on us and satiate the perennial quest of mankind for a divine and transcendental love.'

A true to life and spirited description of Shri Radha's irresistibly attractive form! A seeker easily attains the ultimate reality when the doe-eyed Radha, bestows a favourable glance. Hundreds of lightning streaks turn pale in the presence of her lustrous face. Lightning hides in the dark-hued gathered clouds and flashes off and on.

But when the impassioned Kishori finds respite in the blue-hued handsome god, her sole refuge,the loveliness is endowed with freedom and spontaneity. Multifaceted and reaching the heights of elation and ecstasy, her beauty tugs at the supreme lover's heart strings.

Sometimes her beaming fair-complexion and Krishna's glowing yellow sash seem to compete. Sighting the lover's flirtatious glance she blushes a deep red. Her sweet face is the abode of several passionate sentiments. At times a reflection of the lover's chest is mirrored in her cheeks; the blue-hued reddish glow seems ethereal. Thus the composer compares the splendid lustre of Radha's face to three objects,Tarhitsuvarnhchampakpradeeptgaurvigrahe- lightning, a golden lustre and a blossom.

By saying Mukhprabhaparastkotishardendumandale the writer raves, 'The luminescence of her face triumphs over hundreds of gleaming autumnal full moons. The moon waxes and wanes as per the light half and dark half of a lunar month; blemished by darkness and concealed by gathered clouds at times. During the autumnal season its majesty is glorious but hundreds of moon clusters are inferior compared to Radha's luminous face.'

Amazing is Radha's moon like face as it creates new beams of light everyday. The handsome Krishna's blue-hue bathed in its splendid radiance, glows profusely with an irresistible attractiveness. And Radha veiled by her dark cloud, Krishna, turns more lustrous. The sakhis or cowherdesses construing the heights of elation and joy, are ecstatic and attain Krishna's mysterious love from their svamini.The composer begs for the grace of that luminous face which triumphs over hundreds of glorious autumnal moons.

Vichitrachitrasancharcchakorshavlochne is the underlying essence of her grace. Surprisingly wonderful scenarios flit across the pair of young partridge(supposed to live on moonbeams) like eyes and adulating them is the supreme lover who etches the scenes himself. When Krishna's beloved is relaxed and the sakhis arrive by chance, they sight these romantic escapades. Here it seems the composer is narrating the supreme lover's closeness.

Cradling the beams of Krishna's moon like face in her eyes, Shri Radhika is intoxicated. Sometimes the romantic sentiment dances in those darkened eyes and at times intense passion acts as Cupid's arrow, tugging her heart strings; occasionally vexed by his spirited antics, she sulks. When Krishna longs for romantic dalliances...he comes closer and her offense is instinctively transformed to delight.

Radha is fatigued by the inconstant dallying and the lover lets her take respite in his embrace. The beloved opens her eyes, and languishing in passion, dismay is apparent in her gaze. Enflamed again, Krishna peeps into them with a mischievous glance. Soon after, Radha's coral eyes are embarrassed and shut instantly. She can not bear to keep them closed in the proximity of Krishna the moon; not knowing the way out, when shyness takes over.

Varied romantic sentiments reside in these youthful partridge like eyes. They are the abode of dismay, embarrassment, reservation, vexation-delight, frenzied intoxication, passion, delightful love, expertise of romance and other emotions. Krishna, the supreme lover is their relisher and skilled painter simultaneously.

'When will the young partridge-eyed (enamoured by the moon) Shri Radhika, the refuge of ardent love, the repository of exquisite beauty, making hundreds of moons pale in comparison, cradling blue-hued moon Krishna in her eyes, the abode of several sentiments-bestow her grace on us?'

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