Sunday, July 10, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Hymn 242

Raag Kalyan

Shri Ram Alleviates the Suffering of the Needy

tum sam deenbandhu, na deen kou mo sam, sunhu nripati raghuraaee |

mosam kutil-maaulimani nahin jag, tumsam hari ! na haran kutilaaee ||1||

hauun man-bachan-karam paatak-ratt, tum kripaalu patitan-gatidaaee |

hauun anaath, prabhu ! tum anaath-hit, chit yahi surti kabhun nahin jaaee ||2||

hauun aarat, aarti-naasak tum, keerti nigam puraanni gaaee |

hauun sabheet tum haran sakal bhay, kaaran kavan kripaa bisraaee ||3||

tum sukhdhaam raam shram-bhanjan, hauun ati dukhit tribidh shram paaee |

yah jiya jaani daas tulsee kahan raakhhu saran samujhi prabhutaaee ||4||

The Sages of Dandakaranya Forest Ask Shri Ram to Get Rid of Demons Harassing Them

O Ramchandra ji Maharaj! There is no friend like you who brings about the well-being of the suffering poor and there is no dejected wretch like me. There is no shiromani (paragon) of the devious of my standing in this world and O Nath! (Lord) there is no destroyer of your stature who annihilates wickedness |

Shri Ram is Compassionate to Destitutes

I am steeped in sins by mind,speech and action and O compassionate one! You are the one who grants the supreme condition (mukti or salvation, release of the soul from the body and from further rebirth) to sinners. I am an orphan and O Prabhu (God) you bring about the welfare of destitutes. This truth never abandons my mind ||2||

The Painful Cycle of Birth & Death

I am grieved and you are the one who gets rid of sorrows. The Vedas and Puranas are forever singing of your glory. I am scared of this material world's (cycle of birth and death) and you are the destroyer of all fears. (Even though you and I share so many bonds)what is the reason, of your not showering your mercy on me? ||3||

Goswami Tulsidas Seeks the Shelter of Shri Ram

O Shri Ram ji! You are the repository of delight and the annihilator of fatigue. Whereas I am extremely pained by the threefold suffering of mankind (physical, psychological and spiritual.) Pondering over these facts in your mind and considering your supreme divinity, you must take Tulsidas under your shelter||4||

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