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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XIII

The Raas Lila
Bal Krishan Das ji Maharaj exulted, “Countless gopis had assumed the form of a mandala (formed a circle) on a huge Raas Mandal (circular stage on which Krishna's round dance with the herdgirls of Braj is performed) posited in the vault of the sky. Whereas Shri Priya-Priyatam were resplendent in their centre.

Even if I had left my body in such a situation, I would have united with the same mandala (the gopis circumscribe a space between heaven and earth which is sanctified and eternal.)” Baba confirmed that is when he learnt that this ailment was also one of the highest states of religious rapture like longing, anxiety and wakefulness; which becomes conspicuous in some rare individuals.

Asking Sri Radha to Engage us in Krishna's Service

A day after the above-mentioned incident, highly revered Shri Maharaj ji took Baba, revered Devi ji and Gaur ji along with him and went to Mandleshwar. Having gone there, he began getting sankirtan (glorifying a deity with devotional songs) of the 'mahamantra' (basically the mantra is asking mother Hara that is Radha to please engage me in Krishna's service) done in the neighbouring villages.

Padas Sung by Bal Krishna Das ji Maharaj

In frenzied madness, Shri Maharaj ji would weep and dance in quick succession while getting the kirtan done. At times he even went into a half-conscious state, without response to stimuli.The padas which burst forth from Maharaj ji's mouth after he went into a trance, were written down precisely as they were by Manohar Baba.

Sri Narayan in His Chaturbhuj Form

It was here that Maharaj ji showered such great blessings on the widowed sister of Shri Balwant Rao Mandloi that she had darshan of the chaturbhuj (four-armed) form of Sri Narayan. Later on, her very life went through a radical transformation.

Ram Mandir near Mandleshwar

Baba made Shri Maharaj ji visit many sites which were worth seeing around Mandleshwar. Shri Maharaj ji was very delighted to see Baradwari,Ram Mandir and Kamal Sarovar.

The Idols of Sri Ram, Lakshman & Sita in Ram Mandir

Markati Sangam

There is a place by the name of Markati-Sangam on the southern banks of River Narmada, in Mandleshwar where there is a confluence of river Vedvati with the Narmada River.

It is here that Manohar Baba stayed along with Maharaj ji for a span of fifteen days and formed a satsang (a congregation gathering to worship and sing bhajans) by the name of 'suprabhat'(the time of early morning or dawn).

Lord Krishna Frolicking with His Sakhas

Amazingly, Shri Maharaj ji had the darshan of Sri Krishna frolicking with His sakhas in the waters of the Yamuna, at this spot.

Revered Manohar Baba used to say, that as long as Shri Maharaj ji stayed in the Ganga Mandir of Vrindavan his surging bhavas or love flowing towards the Divine, would invariably gush forth.The deposited padas which ensued from its towering rays have become the wealth of his own people, very much like gems-pearls.

The Temple of Nathdwara

Baba undertook long arduous journeys and visited Nathdwara, Rajkot, Dwarka, Junagarh, Kathiawar, Radhanpur, Harij, Ahmedabad, Jadheshwar,Girnar and other places along with Shri Maharaj ji. Baba and revered Devi ji enjoyed excessive company and satsang of Shri Maharaj ji from the year 1945-1950. Both of them would constantly chant the 'mahamantra' for twelve hours at a stretch. They would be persistent like children in front of Shri Maharaj ji for attaining the divine.

Buland Shahr

In the year 1952, the father of respected Devi ji took Maharaj ji along with his family to Shikar Pur (Bulandshahr).There the satsang of Shri Maharaj ji went on for fifteen days non-stop.

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