Monday, December 26, 2011

43rd & 44th Dohas of Uttar Kand


eka båra raghunåtha bolåe, gura dvija purabåsi saba åe |

baithe gura muni aru dvija sajjana, bole bacana bhagata bhava bhamjana ||1||

sunahu sakala purajana mama båni, kahau°na kachu mamatå ura åni |

nahi aniti nahi kachu prabhutåi, sunahu karahu jo tumhahi sohåi ||2||

soi sevaka priyatama mama soi, mama anusåsana månai joi |

jau°aniti kachu bhåsau°bhåi, tau mohi barajahu bhaya bisaråi ||3||

baRe° bhåga månusa tanu påvå, sura durlabha saba gramthanhi gåvå |

sådhana dhåma moccha kara dvårå, påi na jehi paraloka sa°vårå ||4||

Lord Raghuvir Invites Vasistha & Leading Brahmans to the Royal Court

One fine day, invited by Lord Raghuvir, the spiritual preceptor Vasistha, leading Brahmans and other citizens gathered in the royal court. When the guru, sages, Brahamans and other gentlemen had taken their seats, the Lord who ends the cycle of birth-death of His devotees, spoke the following words to them: Oh all the denizens!Listen to what I have to say. I am not speaking these words because of any affection in My heart for you. Neither is it concerned with any wrong doing and nor am I exercising my sovereignty. Therefore,(discarding shyness and fear, and paying attention) listen to My talk and act accordingly if you please.

Parloka or Paradise

Only the one who obeys My command, is my servitor and dearest to Me. O brother! If I say anything which is wrong, do not be afraid (apprehensive) to correct Me. It is by great good fortune that you have been granted a human body. All the scriptures have declared that it is tough even for the gods to attain such a body. It is the abode of spiritual endeavours and a gateway to moksha or salvation. He who fails to make it parloka or paradise even on attaining the human body.


so paratra dukha påvai sira dhuni dhuni pachitåi |

kålahi karmahi isvarahi mithyå dosa lagåi ||43||

Attributing the Blame to Time, Fate & God

He is tortured in the other world and beats his head in remorse. And (not regarding them as his wrong-doings)he falsely attributes the blame to Time, Fate and God.


ehi tana kara phala bisaya na bhåi, svargau svalpa amta dukhadåi |

nara tanu påi bisaya° mana dehi, palati sudhå te satha bisa lehi° ||1||

tåhi kabahu° bhala kahai na koi, gumjå grahai parasa mani khoi |

åkara cåri laccha cauråsi, joni bhramata yaha jiva abinåsi ||2||

phirata sadå måyå kara prerå, kåla karma subhåva guna gherå |

kabahu° ka kari karunå nara dehi, deta isa binu hetu sanehi ||3||

nara tanu bhava båridhi kahu° bero, sanmukha maruta anugraha mero |

karanadhåra sadagura drRha nåvå, durlabha såja sulabha kari påvå ||4||

There are 84 lakh Yonis or Creatures in this Universe

O brother! Sensuous enjoyment is not the fruition of human existence.(What to talk of worldly enjoyments)even heavenly enjoyment is short-lived and invariably ends in sorrow. Therefore those foolish people whose minds are absorbed in sensual pleasures even after attaining human birth, exchange nectar for poison. No one ever calls that person righteous (sensible), who sqanders away the parasmani (a rare legendary stone which has the ability to turn base metals into gold) and takes a berry in return. This imperishable soul wanders through eighty-four lakh species of life, falling under four broad divisions (mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds.)

Maya, the Lord's Illusory Power

Driven by Maya (My illusory power) and controlled by time, destiny, nature and gunas, it forever wanders about aimlessly. Rarely does God, who loves the living being without any self-interest, bestow a human form.This form of a human being is a boat ( a vessel) which helps one cross the ocean of mundane existence. My grace is the favourable wind, and a worthy spiritual preceptor is the boatman who steers this strong ship.In this manner the means which are difficult to secure, have been made easily available to the human being(by the grace of God).


jo na tarai bhava sågara nara samåja asa påi |

so krta nimdaka mamdamati åtmåhana gati jåi ||44||

Crossing the Ocean of this Temporal World
The man who, though well equipped with all these resources, fails to cross the ocean of this temporal world, is regarded as ungrateful and dull-witted. Invariably he attains the gati or ending of one who commits suicide.

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