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Baba Shri Manohar Das ji, the Pride of the Spiritual World-XXXVI

Lord Krishna,the Supreme Being
Where have spiritual paupers like us seen God? It is certainly through divine souls like highly revered Manohar Das ji who have lifelong worked for the well-being of people that we can identify the Supreme Being. Where can we find a saint of his calibre on this earth? In reality the era of such divine men is gradually coming to an end.

Snow Clad Peaks of the Himalayas
The memory of honourable Manohar Baba is pure, dazzling white and eternal like the snow clad peaks of the Himalayas,to whom I offer millions of my salutations.

Shri Manohar Baba (right) with Albeli Sharan ji Maharaj
When honourable eminent saint Shri Albeli Sharan ji Maharaj, respected Bahin Sushri Shashikala Mule, respectable Vidyadhar Das ji, respected Shri Kailash Bhaiya and others insisted that I write the entire life-history of Baba Manohar Das ji, an ascetic of the highest order, a saint free from worldly attachments and desires, to preserved as his memoirs, I was in in a great state of uncertainty. Firstly because a destitute like me with meagre knowledge does not have the capability to write anything about a divine saint like Baba Maharaj who had attained the Divine. Secondly there was a great shortage of time due to other various commitments which I had. However even after mustering immense courage I could not refuse all of them.

Shri Manohar Baba (left) with Balkrishan Das ji Maharaj
Simultaneously I felt that just like Manohar Baba had authoritatively got the memoirs 'Rasaarchan' the biography of Shri Balkishan Das ji Maharaj,

Shri Manohar Baba (right) with Ghanshyam Das Thakur ji
and 'Smriti Saurabh' the biography of of Shri Ghanshyam Das Thakurji penned by me ; in precisely the same fashion he was giving me an order to write his life history through his very close associates.Therefore I agreed to do this extremely difficult task, with the hope of capacity and energy being granted by revered Baba himself. With the auspicious blessings of revered Baba I readied his biography in a very short time span; without any obstacle and with conscientious enthusiasm by often keeping awake till two o'clock at night.While writing I did not feel fatigued nor experienced any sort of weakness.

When I began this task centered around revered Baba my health remained fine and morever worldly involvements reduced considerablly all of a sudden, by his grace.It was virtually impossible for me to take up this endeavour in the daytime due to various reasons. Therefore the entire biography was written during the night.

Shri Manohar Baba
Many a time while writing this text I felt that revered Baba was sitting by my side on a takht or wooden bed or was standing in front of me.
Amazingly after writing the life history of revered Baba, I had very extraordinary and transcendental experiences lasting for two to three hours while meditating upon his holy nature. Often I was unable of going to sleep till four o clock in the morning because of this practice. It is not proper to give an account of all those episodes at this juncture.

The Eternal Nikunja of Lord Krishna
As a matter of chance, the day I gave respite to the memoirs of revered Baba. 29th May, 2010, was purnima and the date of his gaining entry into the eternal nikunja (abode of Krishna). Above all it was precisely 12 o' clock at midnight.

The oceanic biography of highly revered Baba Manohar Das ji is imponderable and expansive. It is extremely tough to totally bind it in writing. While writing his memoirs, I could gather extensive information about revered Baba from Bahen Sushri Shashikala Mule, Sushri Vijaya Mule, revered Shri Sushila Bahen ji, Sushri Darshan Bahen ji, Sushri Dr. Nisha Shubh, Sushri Narang Bahen ji, Shri Sushil Nigam (Barwani), Sushri Manju Tiwari and Pandit Rajesh Tiwari (Maheshwar) and others. And for this very reason I am extremely grateful to them. I beg to be forgiven in case there have been any errors on my part while writing the biography.
Gopal Chaturvedi

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