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Vinay Patrika: Shri Rang Stuti [57]

Raag Ramkali

Lord Ranganatha


dehi satsang nij-ang shrirang! bhavbhang-kaarann sharann-shokhaaree |

ye tu bhavdanghripallav-samaashrit sadaa, bhaktirat, vigatsanshay, muraaree ||1||

asur, sur, naag, nar, yaksh, gandharv, khag, rajnichar, siddh, ye chaapi anne |

sant-sansarg traaivargpar, parampad, praapya nihpraapyagati tvayi prasanne ||2||

vritra, bali, baann, prahlaad, may, vyaadh, gaj, gridhra, dvijbandhu nijdharmtyaagee |

saadhupad-salil-nirdhoot-kalmash sakal, shvpach-yavnaadi kaaivalya-bhaagee ||3||

shaant, nirpeksh, nirmam, niraamay, agunn, shabdbrhmaaikapar, brahmgyaanee |

daksh, samdrik, svadrik, vigat ati svparamti, paramrativirti tav chakrapaanee ||4||

vishav-upkaarahit vyagrachit sarvadaa, tyatkmadmanyu, krit punyaraasee |

yatra tishthanti, tatraaiv aj sharv hari sahit gacchanti sheeraabidhvaasee ||5||

shok-sandeh, bhay-harsh, tam-tarshgann, sadhu-sadhyukti vicchedkaaree |

yathaa raghunaath-sayak nishaachar-chamoo-nichay-nirdalan-patu-veg-bhaaree ||7||

yatra kutraapi mam janam nijkarmvash bramat jagjoni sankat anekam |

tatra tvdbhakti sajjan-samaagam, sadaa bhavtu me raam vishraammekam ||8||

prabal bhav-janit traaivyaadhi-bhaaishaj bhagti, bhakt bhaaishjyamadvaaitdarsee |

sant-bhagwant antar nirantar naheen, kimpi mati malin kah daastulsee ||9||

Lord Vishnu, the Husband of Rama or Lakshmi

O *Ramapate!

Satsang or Singing Songs of a Devotional Nature

Grant me satsang (association with the virtuous) because it is one of the chief means of attaining you. It annihilates the worldly cycle of birth and death, and gets rid of the sorrrow of those living beings who have sought its refuge. O Murari! (a title of Krishna)Those people who are forever relying on the blossoms of your feet and are constantly absorbed in bhakti or religious devotion, their doubt arising from ignorance is dispelled ||1||


By contact with saints, monsters, deities, snakes, humans, *yakshas, *gandharvas, birds, demons, *siddhas and other living beings (steeped in religious devotion to you), attain your eternal supreme condition (merging of the soul with the Ultimate) which is beyond worldly wealth, sanctions of religion and lust. A state which is not attainable by other resources but is acquired only by your being pleased ||2||

Lord Ram & Lakshman Tending a Wounded Jataya

*Vritrasura, Bali, Banasur, Prahlad, Mai, hunter Valmiki, Gajendra, Jatayu king of the vultures, and brahman *Ajamil fallen from brahmanical karmas, plus wretches and even yavanis (Mohammedans)absolve all their sins by touching the feet of saints and became worthy recipients of salvation.||3||

Chakrapane or Lord Vishnu, the Discus-Holder

(An how are those pious ascetics)calm because all desires have left their minds, impartial due to not wishing for any object or state, free from attachment, not wanting any prestigious rank, beyond the three *gunas, chief amongst those knowing the ShabdBrahma (the revealed World, identified with the Ultimate Being); or mainly those knowing the Vedas experts of Brahma (the Supreme Being regarded as personal and esp in his capacity as creator of the world). Adept at fulfilling the task for which we have got a human body,viewing everyone impartially, knowing the traits of their individual soul, unbiased and those who consider that everything belongs to Shri Ram. And O Chakrapane!(discus-holder, a title of Vishnu) They are detached from worldly bhogas (gratification) and uniquely attached to You who are the supreme spirit||4||

Lord Vishnu Rushes to His Devotees

Their mind or heart is forever longing for the world's beneficence, they have abandoned intoxication and fury, and earned a great wealth of meritorious acts. Wherever such saints live, Lord Shri Hari who resides in the Ksheer Ocean, taking along Brahma and Shiva goes running of his own accord||5||

Samudra Manthan or Churning of the Ocean

(And how is the satsang), the Vedas are the *Ksheer Ocean, thinking joyously about it is *Mandrachal, and the whole multitude of munis are the ones who churn it. On churning it, the nectarine essence of satsang emerged from the ocean. This doctrine has been narrated by Shri Krishna, the husband of Rukmini||6||

The Divine Company of Saints & Mahatamas

The divine connect of saints and mahatmas annihilates masses of sorrow, doubt, fear, joy, ignorance and desire in such a manner as the arrows of Shri Raghunath ji devastate factions of the demoniac army with skill and great speed ||7||

Shri Ram, the Seventh Incarnation of Lord Vishnu

O Lord Ram! Wherever I am born as per my karmas, in whichever birth I may wander about bearing several dire ordeals, I must constantly keep getting your bhakti and the company of saints there itself. O Rama! That is the sole refuge I have||8||

Goswami Tulsidas

Your bhakti is the only medication for alleviating the three kinds of painful suffering (physical, psychological and spiritual). And the bhakta who upholds the philosophy of non-dualism ( who sees only you in the animate and inanimate world)is the vaidh. In reality, there is not the slightest difference between a saint and the Supreme Being. Mentally dejected Tulsidas certainly endorses this fact||9||

Ramapate : a title of Vishnu who is husband of Rama or Laxmi

yakshas: a kind of demigod attending Kuvera and guarding his garden and treasures

gandharvas: heavenly minstrels or musicians from the heavenly realm of Indra

siddhas : those perfected and sanctified by penance

Vritasura: A 'Prajapati' named Tvashta had a pious Son named Vishwarupa. He had three heads and was a great sage.This evoked fear In Lord Indra who killed the sage. Prajapati Tvashta was furious and performed a yagya for avenging the death of his son. From the yagna was born Vritrasura and his sole was to avenge his brother's death by destroying Indra.

Ajamil: Mythology tells the story of the brahmin Ajamil who developed many bad habits. At the time of his death, he called out to his son who bore the name of the god Narayan, and thus Ajamil's soul was rescued from hell.

Three gunas: sattva or goodness, rajas or passion and tamas or darkness)

Ksheer Ocean: according to the Puranas Lord Vishnu rests in Ksheer Sagar or ocean of milk during the chaturmaas or four months of Ashadh, Shravan, Bhadarpada and Ashvin full of festivals and cool rain.

Mount Mandrachal :Indra while riding an elephant, came across sage Durvasa who offered him a special garland. Indra placed it on the elephant's trunk. Irritated by the smell, the elephant threw it to the ground. This enraged the sage as the garland was a dwelling of Sri (fortune). Durvasa Muni cursed Indra and all the devas to be bereft of energy and fortune.

In battles that followed, the devas were defeated and asuras led by king Bali gained control of the universe. Devas sought help from Lord Vishnu who advised them to form an alliance with asuras and jointly churn the ocean for the nectar of immortality. However, Lord Vishnu told Devas that he see to it that they alone obtain the nectar.

Mount Mandaranchal was used as the dasher (churning tool), and Vasuki, the king of serpents, became the churning rope. The gods held the tail of the snake, while the demons (Asuras) held its head, and they pulled on it alternately causing the mountain to rotate, which in turn churned the ocean. However, once the mountain was placed on the ocean, it began to sink. Vishnu in his second incarnation as Kurma, came to their rescue and supported the mountain on his back.)

karmas: actions with its fruits and implications of merit)

non-dualism or monism: a doctrine which maintains that the material world is a manifestation of the ultimate brahman or Supreme Being and as such, is true and not illusory or maya

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