Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shri Venu Geet: Thirteenth Shloka

Cows Enchanted by the Flute Song of Krishna, the dark god

gavash ca krsna-mukha-nirgata-venu-gita
piyusam uttabhita-karna-putaih pibantyah
shavah snuta-stana-payah-kavalah sma tasthu
govindam atmani drishasru-kalah sprishantyah
(SB 10.21.13)

Lord Krishna's Flute Play Entrances the Cows

Meaning: “O Sakhi ! What to say of gods' wives? Even these cows are truly blessed-just have a look at them! When our lovable Sri Krishna fills the flute by the breath of His love, they listen to His melodious song-and relish the melody by pricking up their ears, apprehensive that the nectar of the flute play may not flow away.The cows stand still entranced, and carrying handsome dark-hued Krishna to their hearts with their eyes, they embrace Him deep within, and tears of joy stream down their eyes.

Streams of Milk Flood Vrindavan

Filled with the sudden rush of Krishna's love by listening to His flute song, their udders overflow with milk and instinctively flood the site of Vrindavan. (O Sakhi! These streams of milk are not gushing due to the cows' maternal affection for their calves.)

Captivated by dark-hued Krishna, the Cows Forget to Graze

Guess what, Sakhi! The green blades of grass remain exactly where they are, without being swallowed by the cows. They are so absorbed in listening to the sweetness of the dark god's flute play, that the cows forget to graze on the grass.

Newly-born Calves Adulate Krishna

And above all Sakhi! Have a look at the calves who are in a state of religious rapture.The newly-born  calves are not able to either gulp or spit out the mouthful of milk sucked into their mouths. Deeply affected by the touch of the dark god, their eyes brim with tears.They stand still as they are.O Sakhi! The cow and calves transport Shri Govind into their souls via their eyes and they are busy hugging Him.They are the ones who are truly blessed because of their elated love for Krishna which has no distinctive trait.

The Sakhis Long to Catch a Glimpse of Krishna

Whereas we have to face so many constraints in a land of highly restrictive social conventions and can not openly rush to the forest to catch a glimpse of Krishna. We sakhis are definitely unfortunate, in this case.

Shri Govind: a title of Krishna, the finder of cows

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