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'Shri Krishna-karnamrita:' Eighty-fifth Shloka

tad etad atamra-vilocana-shri: ,
murarer madhuradharoshtham ,
cumbati manasam me ||85||

Simple Meaning:

Kissing Murari's Lotus Face

 Again and again, my capricious bee like mind is kissing Murari's lotus face which is endowed with extremely sweet petal like lips.The abundant beauty of His slightly reddish eyes has protected the self-respect of poor modest devotees and enhanced their honour.

The Rasa-laden Commentary:

Lord Krishna's Red-hued Eyes

 Krishna is endowed with red-hued eyes. His eyes are rolling with intoxication and are full of unrestrained joy. They are loaded with the wealth of a romantic dalliance due to prema. Where there is an ardently longing the gaze is drawn in that direction. These vilochan or eyes are very special, it is not an ordinary gaze.

Krishna Strengthens the Pride of His Humble Devotee

 God snatches away the illusory pride of those who seek refuge in Him but strengthens the pride of being His humble devotee.

Shri Sutikshanji has said:

'as abhiman jai jani bhore |
mai sevak raghupati pati more ||' (Ramcharitmanas)

The pride of being in the refuge of God resides as a virtue in the heart of a devotee.'hum unke hain' or 'We are His' is a matter of pride for the devotee. 


Gopis Smitten by Krishna

The gopis say that we belong to dark-hued Krishna. We are ready to listen to taunts if we are stigmatized by Shyam or dark-hued Krishna.

Seeing the Chauth ka chand1 a gopi says,

'are chauth ke chand main tujhe ji bhar ke dekhungi par mujhe shyam kalank lag jaye |

'Oh moon of the bright fortnight of Bhadon I will gaze at you to my heart's content but I should be stigmatized by Krishna.'

This stigma is also a matter of pride for them:

bawari jo pai kalank lagyo,
nisank hawai kahe ank na lagi ||

The Supreme Lover's Eyes are Focused on His Beloved

 The eyes of premathe Supreme Lover are in contact with His Beloved that is why Krishna's wide open eyes are fixed on Her. By saying vilochan which means eyes Billavmangalji has indicated at a distinctive manner of gazing intently.

Those whose eyes are longing for the eyes of this treasure trove of beauty, are desiring to behold the nectar of His beauteous form, His eyes are consecrated in their hearts. These people are Krishna's humble devotees, who are fully gratified by His prema. What place does pride have in this state?

The subject of that Braj Sunder, the ineffably beautiful Krishna of Braja, are these Braj beauties. The banner of Gopi prema, Krishna is the incarnate form of prema.

 Billavmangalji Adores Lord Krishna's Red Lips

Adoringly gazing at the sweet beauty of Krishna, Shri Billavmangalji is ecstatic. Expressing his heart's desire he says:

'My mind is again and again kissing the lotus face of Krishna, which is endowed with sweet lips. His sweet red lips are the treasure trove of ineffable beauty and rasa.'

Shripad Vallabhacharyaji

 In the 'Madhurashtakam' Shripad Vallabhacharyaji has given a description of the elixir of Krishna's lips:
' adharam madhuram '

How is the sweetness of His lips,by which millions of capricious eyes of the gopis are smitten. During the anguish of separation they had entreated for this.

They have relished not only the sweetness of His feet or hands but savoured all kinds of tastes.

 Gopis Yearn for Krishna's Love

 The gopis say in the 'gopi geet'

' madhurayaa gira valgu-vakyayaa
budha-manognaya pushkare kshana | '

'O Lotus-eyed One! Your speech is so sweet. Every single word, every little
sound, every single letter is very charming.Even the most wise and learned
get engrossed in it and sacrifice everything for it.'

They go on to say: vidhikaririmaa vira muhyatir
adhara-sidhuna pyaayaya svanah
|| 8 ||
After tasting the nectar of the sound of Your voice, Your faithful Gopis are falling in love. Now You can give us the gift of life by giving us the divine nectar from Your lips.

Rasa Cascading from Krishna's Flute Play  

 The venurasa or melodious flute play cascading from His sweet lips transforms all attractions of this mundane world into detachment;which makes the sweetness of Krishna's romantic dalliance and divine love play all the more sweet...we want to be immersed in that same juicy nectar of Your lips. One never knows how many countless times they have relished this rasa. While beholding the sweet ineffable beauty of Krishna and reaching the heights of elation and ecstasy, Shri Billavmangalji expresses his heartfelt desire and says:

 Drawn by the Lotus Face of Krishna

 My mind is kissing Murari's lotus face, over and over again.The lotus face of Krishna becomes extremely captivating because of His sweet lips which are the treasure trove of ineffable beauty and rasa. My capricious bee like eyes are hovering over His face and my mind is being passionately drawn by Him.'

1Chauth ka chand:the moon on the fourth night of a fortnight, esp that of the bright fortnight of Bhadon, supposed to bring reproach or disgrace on one who looks at it.

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