Thursday, February 24, 2011

Vinay Patrika: Devi Stuti [16]

Raag Raamkali

Devi,The Mother Goddess

Jai jai jagjanani devi sur-nar-muni-asur-sevi,

bhukti-mukti-daayini, bhai-haranni kaalika |

mangal-mud-siddhi-sadani, parvsharvreesh-vadani,

taap-timiir-tarunn-taranni-kirannmaalikaa ||1||

varam, charam kar kripaann,shool-shel-dhanushbaann,

dharanni dalani daanav-dal, rann-karaalikaa |


bhoot-grah-betaal-khag-mrigaali-jaalikaa ||2||

jai mahesh-bhaaminee, anek-roop-naaminee,

samast-lok-svaminee, himshail-baalikaa |

raghupati-pad-param prem, tulsi yeh achal nem,

dehu havaai prasann paahi prannat-paalikaa ||3||

O Mother of the world! O Devi! (consort of Lord Shiva) Hail to you, hail to you. Deities, humans, sages and demons, are all at your service. You are the one who gives both bhoga (experiencing pleasure or pain as per our good or bad deeds in past lives) and moksha (salvation.) You are Kaalika for dispelling the fear of bhaktas. You are the repository of prosperity, happiness and siddhis (supernatural powers.) Your beautiful face is similar to the full moon of purnima. You are the sunbeams of the midday's youthful sun for destroying the painful darkness of the spiritual, material and divine worlds. ||1||

You have an armour on your body. Your are holding the shield-sword, trident, spear and bow plus arrow in your hands. You are the one who slays the demonic forces, and you adopt a dreadful form in battle. Along with your dakinis and shakinis (ferocious shaktis of goddess Durga), you are the net for entrapping Pootna (name of a demoness killed by Lord Krishna),demons, evil spirits,ghosts, and the bat of Baitala (a vampire spirit who hangs from a tree and inhabits and animates dead bodies) and deer of illusion. ||2||

O Shive! (consort of Lord Shiva) Hail to you! You have several forms and names. You are the svamini (mistress) of the entire world and the daughter of Himachal. O the protectress of refugees! I, Tulsidas want perfect love and dedicated devotion for Shri Raghunathji's feet. Therefore being pleased, grant this wish of mine and guard me. ||3||

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